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Does the Lehigh Valley overlap Delaware Valley?

Asked by Glad2bhear (209points) July 14th, 2022

I live in the Philadelphia area and I always hear of the Lehigh Valley and the Delaware Valley as terms for our area but it isn’t clear to me if the are completely separate.
After searching on maps it’s hard for me to tell. Guess I’m not great with maps.
I’m just curious about this if anyone can help….

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In my understanding without taking the time to look at a map, the Lehigh Valley is further to the west in PA than the Delaware Valley which separates PA and NJ.

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The Lehigh Valley is north and west of the Delaware Valley. The maps in these two Wikipedia articles gives a good indication of their difference in location.
Lehigh Valley
Delaware Valley

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If you’re traveling, the Deleware Water Gap (state park) is beautiful

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@LostInParadise I just googled “Delaware Valley vs Lehigh Valley” and the third entry pulled up your answer! GA!

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There have been times when I did a Web search and found Fluther answers. There must be a fair number of links to Fluther, so I guess it is not that surprising, but thanks anyway. I get links to Quora quite frequently.

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