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If you can have one talent, and you will be better then everyone else, what would it be?

Asked by butters326 (17points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone

mine will be

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Football. Bringing in the big $$$.

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be the best Reggae band ever, better than Bob Marley and the Whalers :) Ya Mon.

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I would like to be the best human I could be. If that’s not available, being a better banjo player would be nice too.

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Being a better banjo player beats beating up bad spellers.

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rapid learning.

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becoming better banjo beaters beats byproduct blasphemy. (sorry but Gail had so many b’s)

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Alliteration always annoys after an ? (age, aeon, aggravating answer________)

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Constantly embarrassing my teenage daughters ( they haven’t figured out yet that it is intentional).

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that’s cruel.

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@ petethepothead: they actually think its funny and their friends all think I’m the “cool mom”, so it works in a sense. Cruel, yes sometimes but it is all in fun and love!

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Cat wrangler.

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@ladytmerie in that case I guess it’s ok, but I still think it’s a weird thing to want to have the most talent in.

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designing clothes… you know make stuff EVERYONE wants to wear.

and become a pro at fluthering….reach maximum lurve =D

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@ petethepothead: Wow, I totally misread the question (exhaustion maybe) I thought It asked what my greatest talent is, not what I wish it was. In that case, I would love to be able to have a beautiful singing voice. I love to sing because it makes me feel great and happy, I just wish my singing could do the same for others but unfortunately that is not the case.

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winning friends and influencing people.

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i wanna sing opera better than Pavarotti.

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@ andrew – your answer made me think of Dale Carnegie’s book

and i think i would have to agree with pete, i would like to be a fast learner for everything. because then i can learn everyone else’s talent too! (perhaps not at the same excellence level, but good enough.) i like to know little about a lot vs. a lot about little.

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I’d like to be the best singer/songwriter. I’d also like to be the best performer ever.

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I’d like to be the person better than the best person in everything.

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chef skills

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Serenity…. I want to be able to deal with what life throws at me gracefully.

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I would like to make people happy!!

then I would make myself happy too….

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