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Why does Subway* use kids voices for adults in their commercials?

Asked by Roby (2939points) November 29th, 2012

Even though they are funny, I don’t understand why..what’s the point?

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To get your attention. Apparently, it worked.

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That it did.

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It throws you a curve ball and makes you pay attention. You’re expecting one thing and another happens so you watch the commercial.

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Yes, as someone in media, anything that gets your attention is successful….even if a little odd. I actually really like those spots except I want to tell those girls they’re rude taking that guys sandwiches like that. :)

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Because it’s so cute.

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It is to portray our inner demanding child, perhaps. The hungry one, who needs food now. I know that’s the case with the snickers commercials. Not sure about Subway, since I haven’t seen them, but I suspect it could be the same thing.

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Because the sight of their subs is supposed to bring out the kid in you.

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Because kids “get away” with stealing food and stuff that adults can’t get away with. Their behavior is childish so they have to put a childish aura around it.

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