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As a follow-up to my "perfecto fish" question, how shocked was I to note that in the last 24 hours, I had answered 17 times?

Asked by gailcalled (54456points) November 30th, 2012

Very shocked.(LInk) However, most of them were not edited more than once. Even so, I need to get out more. Now, Milo may have been responsible for some of my apparent garrulousness, but still? What’s your news?

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Grin! Hello, Milo! My news… I shocked my professor this morning, in a good way.

Got another perfect-o-fish.

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@linguaphile – Your professor gives out perfect-o-fish! Intriguing. I think I might owe you a message.

I have been reading Twitter and the amazing rumours about Operation Yewtree… slightly in shock!

Other than that, I have spent way too much time the last couple of days reading my novel and fluthering. Hello to Milo too. Love your work.

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Head-to-keyboard. Head-to-keyboard. Just met a Messianic Jew who tried to convert me. I listened politely but yikes, it required mental gymnastics trying to get around his beliefs.

No, @Bellatrix, I owe you a message :D Need more than the 5 minutes I have to sit down to type it.

Getting ready to go to a light-show parade in downtown Denver… can’t wait!!

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Something new and exciting may happen. Too soon to talk about it. (Not a guy.)

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Wait, @gailcalled, one is allowed to answer one’s own question? ;)

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