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Taking communion?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) June 6th, 2008

Just out of curiosity. For communion some churches use juice and some churches use wine.What happens when an alcoholic is going through rehab and wants to take communion, but it’s wine. What happens if they take the communion? Does that meant they fell off the wagon? What happens when they have been sober for so many years? Will it affect them? Will it want them to drink again?

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I would think that the alcoholic would pass on the wine and just take the wafer only. My wife is Roman Catholic and only takes the wafer, so I know that that’s allowed, at least under the 2nd Vatican Council.
Taking only the wafer is strictly by choice. She’s not an alcoholic.

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I expect very few churches ue real wine.

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My Church uses real wine and homemade bread that the perish donates. The bread is broken into little pieces and mixed with the wine. Then they have extra bread on the side.

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Astrochuck: WAFER???? Come on, one could expect a little more from you.

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What would you have me call it, a disk of unleavened bread?

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hmmm no one is goin to like my answer. i think there is so much crap people deal with in their daily lives (hey everyone does, and its normal) and when they go to church its kind of a way to praise god, but most churches ive been to want you to do as they say and be a part of what they are instead of living an enjoyable life. that is why i dont go to church. i think if someone is an alchoholic they should stay at home and keep it to themselves. but going out and having a drink doesnt make someone an alchoholic. the little bit of alchohol in wine would probably not make someone want to drink…. its not vodka.

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I would think that most churches would be sensitive to something like this and accommodate a request to be served juice. I remember when we had communion at the church I attended they had both, alcohol for those over 18 and juice for those under 18.

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is there a word other than wafer? I guess you call it the body of christ?

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My maternal grandparents were baptist and when they were given communion (which the church gave rarely) it was with grape juice.

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i cant remember the last time i got communion…i never confess and i always think that something bad is going to happen if i dont confess before eating the “wafer”, “disk of unleavened bread”, or “the body of christ”... i prefer stale cookie =]

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The churches I have taken communion in have always used juice. I agree with DQ on this one. I think churches would either have juice available or let the person pass on the liquid part of the ceremony.

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