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What is the best name for the alternate universe the US far right inhabits?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) December 2nd, 2012

The US has a political party with a large number of members in it’s far-right wing who firmly believe:
1—With $100 million dollars, Al Gore is responsible for bribing virtually the entire scientific community worldwide and most of the world’s governments to push the hoax of global warming. He’s even managed to start rapidly melting the world’s ice sheets and clear Montana’s Glacier National Park of most of its glaciers. By 2020, Gore will have the park ice free. And it’s so unfair. Gore’s $100 million is such a vast sum that the worldwide fossil fuel and energy industry with income of nearly $40 trillion per year is utterly powerless to resist Gore’s devious hoax.
2—The Earth is somewhere between 6,000 and 9,000 years old. All the old dinosaur bones, the nuclear decay rate of carbon 14, all the other evidence of deep time was just put there by a loving creator God to confuse us so we, the children He so adores, will be condemned to eternal agony in the fires of Hell.
3—Despite a massive chain of fossil evidence leading back from the most complex organisms alive today through logical steps of development stretching back 3.6 billion years to the simplest prokaryotes, life in all its diversity sprang forth fully formed in 2 days.
4—Even though there is no evidence of such a flood, only a few thousand years ago, it rained for 40 days and the ocean levels rose 5 miles till the waters completely covered all dry land including the 29,029 foot high peak of Mount Everest.
5—Despite the chain of evidence that he was born in Hawaii, Barack Obama’s Kenyan parents faked all that evidence when he was born in Kenya in 1961; because they somehow knew back then he would need that chain of evidence to serve as President of the United States.
6—Despite being at the bottom of the developed world in healthcare outcomes, behind even some third world countries, and paying far more per capita than any other nation for the poor healthcare we have; we are the model system the rest of the world would be smart to emulate. And Obamacare really does have Death Panels in it.
7—The Iraq war was well worth fighting. Our only mistake was to leave. We should still be fighting there.
8—We can defeat a strategy (terrorism) with an army. Armies are great at killing ideas.
9—The Framers of the Constitution thought corporations are people even though today’s publicly traded corporate legal structure did not exist when they were writing the document.
10—Sarah Palin, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann all are imminently qualified to serve as this nation’s Chief Executive Officer.

What do you call the alternate Alice in Wonderland world where such notions are strongly believed despite the evidence they are not true?

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I’m not sure what you would call it. I would say that most of it is naivety at it’s finest.
I’m not a big fan of our government I really dislike where our country is heading. Our first president, George Washington, warned us in his final address that we should not form ‘factions’ or get into European affairs. What are we doing now? Both of those things.
I disagree with Obamacare and how it was passed as a tax, despite the law itself not being changed even though it is unconstitutional for the government to force us to buy something.
I disagree with a lot of things that I really don’t feel like getting into, because me being the age I am… I can’t do anything about it. People won’t listen to a 13 year old, no matter how passionate they are about politics or how angry the government makes them.

I disagree with all of the things about the flood and fossils because there is evidence that they didn’t exist and that a God did not set these things.

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It is obvious that they are living inside of teabags and looking out through the gauzy white fabric. I’m thinking it’s a hallucinogenic tea, as well.

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No matter what sort of label that we attach to those of the ‘Far Right’ .... it comes down to the fact that these people actually BELIEVE this stuff ! And that blows my mind.

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Reagan Country.

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Thanks & GA points to all. I don’t want to inhibit additional answers by adding individual praise or criticism. Let the ideas roll.

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