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How do I backup an application (photo) on an iPAD?

Asked by srmorgan (6735points) December 2nd, 2012

My wife’s iPAD needs to be upgraded to ios5. She has photographs under an app called Photo and she does not want to lose those pictures.
Do I have to back up the pictures before I update the iOS?

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Back them up through iTunes or a photo program on your hard drive before upgrading. If you onnect to your PC, it should come up and ask you if you want to back them up.

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As @janbb says, syncing the iPad to iTunes is the best way. A popup dialog box will tell you there’s a software upgrade available – click “Not Now” (or whatever the button is to decline the upgrade); then on the left side of the screen the iPad should be listed. Right click on the iPad’s name and click “Backup iPad Name” and let it do its thing. I also suggest that you then right click the iPad name and select “Transfer Purchases from iPad Name” so that any apps or books that she has bought with the iPad will also be backed-up in iTunes.

With some of the newer iOS updates, the data is maintained, but I don’t recall if that was the case when going to iOS 5, since we’re now on iOS 6.0.1. The good thing about iOS 5 is that now your iPad can sync wirelessly, and you can use iCloud for data backups – including the Photo Stream feature.

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@hearkat How do you back up to the iCloud?

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p.s. you should be backing up anything you would not want to lose on a regular basis.
You never know when the iPad will be lost or stolen or simply break, and then…. :-(

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@hearkat I thought the iPad would only back-up to the cloud when it is charging? Is that true?

Also, what is Photostream? I am like the blind man and the elephant with this.

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Put them in iCloud then update.

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@janbb: Yes, the full backup happens when you are on WiFi and plugged in. But if you use PhotoStream or sync contacts and calendars, etc. through the iCloud, changes sync pretty much immediately, as far as I can tell. I’m not the most knowledgeable about all the specifics, though… it may require WiFi. PhotoStream is part of the iCloud service, so you just need to activate it in the settings. If you have a Mac, iPhoto and Aperture also support PhotoStream; I don’t know if any PC-based photo software does.

@_Whitetigress: The OP says they’re upgrading to iOS 5, so they can’t use the iCloud yet, as it only became available with iOS 5.

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