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Any "Walking Dead" fans out there?

Asked by SadieMartinPaul (8997points) December 2nd, 2012

No spoilers allowed!

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I’m counting the hours until the mid-season finale for “The Walking Dead.”

I love that show! I’ve also read the entire comic book series, so I get to see the differences between the two media.

Is anyone else impatiently waiting for tonight’s show? PLEASE, NO SPOILERS ABOUT WHAT MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT HAPPEN. Let’s not accidently ruin the fun for anyone!

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I think this series kicks ass!

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Haven’t missed an episode. Looking forward to tonight!

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I love to creep-out my husband by messing my hair, stumbling awkwardly into the room, and snarling, “Urghh…arghhh…”

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Wow! I am now impatiently waiting until February. This show never disappoints me. I haven’t read the comic book series, so I have no idea what’s going to happen.

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I haven’t seen tonight’s episode, but my husband said he was disappointed. I hate when they take a long break when I’m really into a show.

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Love the show, but I don’t have cable, so I have to wait for the episodes to get on the PlayStation Network, and then I have to rent them. I’m broke

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We love it! I only just found out it is going to take a break soon! So disappointed! I think the last one is tomorrow night.

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if you are a fan you might want to get one or two of these. Sig Sauer P238 Zombie

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Love it and have watched it since day one. I hate it when a great series takes a mid-season break, though. Grrr.

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Not into the show. Loved the comic book series though. It was so dark and sad.

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