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Is it true that "Life is too short to take so seriously?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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it is true. Until its time to get serious…

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yes and no. you should take life serious. life is short, but as long as you enjoy something it doesnt matter. you should take your goals serious. is there anything you want to do? if yes, you should be serious about it and dont let anyone or anything get in your way. but remember a short time of your own personal paradise is much better than living a ton of time hating everything.

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I wouldn’t take that too literally either or you could end up cutting it shorter. Enjoy responsibly!

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I’d prefer something along the lines of “Life’s too short to waste”. There are times when seriousness is called for and times when light-heartedness is what’s needed. Skillfull living consists of knowing the difference. Going through life with either a “frat boy” mentallity or a “grim prophet” mentality wastes precious moments.

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Life is SO short and so precious…live it to the fullest!!!!

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I it to the fullest but don’t take advantage of it because it really can make it even shorter

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Ahhhhh, great question! Picasso said, “It has taken me a long time to become young.” Yes, don’t take life too serious. . .it is mysterious! Look around and see if your life is working right now, not from the perfect life, but it is what you want? A great spiritual movie called One ( blew me away. When the great spiritual and religious leaders in the world were asked, “What is the meaning of life.” I was expecting something profound. Their answer—and all were the same—“To enjoy life.” Hope this answers your question in some round about way.

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The “your best life now” philosophy is nothing more than the old “power of positive thinking” lie repackaged to scratch the itching ears of the current generation. If we know Jesus Christ as our Savior, our best lives await us in heaven where we will spend eternity in joy and bliss, enjoying a life which is inconceivable to us now.

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