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What activities would you like to see at a "Doomsday" party?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13352points) December 5th, 2012

I’m amused by all the New Age-y BS about the supposed Mayan Apocalypse, so I thought I’d throw a party. It’s partially to get me to clean my apartment again.

So, if you were invited to such a party, what board games or card games would you like to play? Particular music? And what’s a doom-y food? Maybe there’s a doom-y movie we can watch?

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Based upon this question I’d serve a dish of Ginko Nuts.

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We’re having an End of the World Potluck at work.

I’ll be making a cupcake platter in the shape of the Mayan Calendar. I’m also considering such goofy portmanteau as ApocaLipton Iced Tea and another dessert: Pole Shift Upside-down cake.

Movies should be obvious: 2012, Armageddon, Independence Day, Asteroid, Impact, and your favourite zombie flicks.

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Man, what else, gun shooting and sex-!

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I think it would be fun to hear 1999, by Prince.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Just remember to get the actual Mayan calendar, and not the Aztec one that everyone thinks is Mayan. And which calendar will it be (because there’s numerous ones that actually go on for a few thousand more years)?

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Anyone that sets their sights on roasting my beloved goose as a Doomsday last supper entree will meet their Doomsday a day early. lol
I, personally, would go into full bore hedonism and eat, drink, INHALE everything of a sensual nature. I’d spend every last penny I had on decadent self indulgence.Forget board games, pass the Happy Brownies and fire up the hot tub with some scantily clad young men serving champagne poolside. haha

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@incendiary_dan The Mayan is this one right?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Looks pretty Mayan to me, though I admit to not being an expert in Meso-American archaeology. Though last time I saw one it had a jaguar in the center or something.

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Well if nothing else the designs will be fun to draw on cupcakes

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Oh, and I do prefer suggestions that won’t get me evicted, arrested, or cause serious harm to my social relationships, since I don’t wear a tinfoil hat and therefore don’t think there’ll be anything going on on December 21st aside from possible stupidity-induced shortages and such.

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Maybe tinfoil hats should be de rigueur for such a party?!

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Oh, you just gave me a great idea.

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@incendiary_dan and @Seek_Kolinahr that is the Mayan calendar. Mine has a iguana and Moon/Sun in the center and a warrior holding it on his shoulders. We got it in Belize in 2009. It is on leather chamois 2 foot by 3 foot and framed / mounted under glass in the front hallway.

I’ll bring hot sauce in the hot cocoa.

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If it were a party paticularly for the end of the world according to the Mayans (I don’t think they necessarily thought the date was the end of the world, it is just how some choose to interpret I think) then I would have Maya type foods like tamal, soft corn tortillas, meats/fish, beans, and a variety of chilis and chili salsas.

If it was an a doomsday party in general I would probably have dancing, a mediteranean leaning menu with appetizers and cocktails and then later a three course meal including desserts, and then much later serve breakfast if we were all still around.

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Oh, definitely chilis and chocolate – preferably together.

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Real Russian Roulette!

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I hate board games. I like to play real games, preferably with music and dance involved. I could tell you some of the games I play, but they are top secret, and after I told you, I’d have to kill you. Which is not fun, at all.

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Here are some board game ideas, though I guess it might be simpler to go to a local game store and see what’s available.

Music idea? And, someone get Jerry a handkerchief. Sheesh.

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OK, we’re definitely bringing a gazillion rolls of Reynold’s Wrap and having a tinfoil hat-design competition. Winner gets a can of spam – which will help them survive a little longer during the aftermath.

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I’m in, now! GA, @Seek_Kolinahr!

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Fire starting, opening canned food w/o a can opener, who can make the softest toilet paper from random paper products, how to make a cake out of instant foods, stuff like that.

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David Bowie’s Five Years would be my soundtrack.

Game: Pin the Asteroid on the Earth.

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Throttle a stranger might be fun, or hump til you drop, both these activities have no lasting consequences, so…...

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Surprised @wundayatta or @ragingloli haven’t mentioned this yet, and therefore it is my distinguished honour, to be the first Jelly here to say: A MASSIVE WORLDWIDE ORGY xD

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Scorpion tails would be a great addition to the menu.

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Everyone should smoke DMT.

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Assuming that the world would actually end, I highly suggest ingesting absurd quantities of hallucinogens until the sun sets for the last time on our pale blue dot.

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You’re right, @fremen_warrior. Sex on!

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@bookish1 nahhh brew up some ayahuasca and do it Mayan style. :P

@jonsblond I ate scorpion tails around 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t really impressed. They kinda tasted like crab which was nice but the shell was too thick and there wasn’t enough meat inside. Tarantula legs on the other hand were great, they taste like lobster.

@Seek_Kolinahr That is indeed the Mayan calender.

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Poisoned kool-aid.

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@uberbatman @bookish1 we should have both ayahuasca and DMT, or peyote for anyone who wants it. We should have a countdown based upon Terence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero!

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Have someone dressed as lava pop out of a super volcanic cake.

Have someone disguised as the Chicxulub asteroid crash your party.

Have someone dressed as a gamma ray burst into your party.

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After the thread on the poles shifting, how about a shifting pole dance contest…

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I can’t believe I forgot about Blondie. You need to play Rapture

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