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Do you think life is basically good?

Asked by Trustinglife (6628points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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My life is basically good. I have a family, a house, food, we have a car, electricity, water, gas, all the basic facilities, an education and so on. I’m happy for all of that and so yes, life is good. :)

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For the most part.. And I am in the position to work on any parts that I think could use an improvement.

External forces need not apply. I have things covered.

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sure it is, my largest worry right now is if my OS is working the way it should…

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Yeah to be fair about it I’ve really got nothing to complain about. I have a beautiful, loving wife at home. A well behaved and gorgeous daughter, I have a job that pretty much let’s me drink coffee all day. I have a car, food on the table and I’m for the most part free to do whatever I want. What more could I want?

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I do see life good, its mostly the way you live it.

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Yes, I have much faith and that’s good enough to live.

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Life’s good…
It beats the alternative…. (Death)
No complaints here….

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not when I can’t ice skate

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Yep, and right now for me it’s great!

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Even though the country, no the world is going awry, we have so much to be thankful for. The world has SO much to offer, good and bad. Look around to all the positives life has to offer and you will see that yes, life is basically good. :-}

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life is amazing, its the people in it and the situations they give us and the situatuis that we choose that makes life seem less amazing.

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Life is good.
But really, I love life. I’m part of a great family, I have amazing friends – I’m a very fortunate individual.
P.S. – I own this one.

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I do believe so yes. And when it isn’t, it is usually my fault either by action, thought or viewpoint.

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Just to clarify – in asking the question, I meant not only whether you feel that YOUR life is good, but whether you think Life is good, with a capital L. I could have been clearer in the question about that.

I have a belief that Life is good and is giving us everything we need in every moment. Now that is just a belief I have – without a lot of hard evidence – but it’s a belief that has served me. So my practice is to trust life (hence my Fluther name) and to listen for what I feel called to do by Life.

I wonder if you ever think about Life, and whether it is good, neutral, or out to get ya.

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Ah, well. If I were to think about it. No. There is greater suffering for greater numbers at the hands of the few for selfish or violent reasons. BUT, we do have the power to change it so that is good.

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Life IS what we make it, and “good” is in the eye of the beholder. You will often find that many people who live very comfortable lives are lonely and/or miserable, while lots of people who face more challenging lives are often more content or even genuinely happy.

I was once a depressed, cynical person because I dwelled on the bad experiences I had in childhood; but I have taught myself to seek out the lessons or silver linings in life’s difficulties, and to fully appreciate all the good things in my world.

So I believe that life is good, and it is up to each of us to seek it out and make the most of it.

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It’s better than the alternative.

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to Allie: But do you own the book? It’s fabulous.

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The Life is Good book? I didn’t know there was one.. =/
I’m going to look now. Thanks!

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Life is great. You can always find something good. You just have to look.

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Ah, comtemplating life… I agree that we are given all that we need, that the path is laid before us and has a constant ability to compensate for what I like to call our “free-will” accidents. I think it’s hard to shake expectations that make life seem dificult or unfair. The idea that if we work hard and are “good” people, things should be easy or “bad” things won’t happen to us. The dream of “true love” or “success”, there’s so much to chase out there. But, I feel, the flow is just a flow, it’s not about gaining anything, even higher awareness. It is as it is, we are as we are. And rather it’s “good” or not, there’s no fighting it or changing it. Do I think life is good? I think there are moments when my lack of understanding or my desire for control or answers create a perception that life has some flaws I’d like to discuss with management. But I have known moments of such complete joy and awe, and experienced the strength of whatever guides this flow and I feel there is benevolence at the heart, at the core, at the cellular, atomic, sub atomic level of it all… I think life is life, that good and bad are judgements I create in my mind and that I am eternally grateful for the life I have. And I love talking esthetics with Adam!

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