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What is the most unusual outfit you have worn for ordinary life?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 6th, 2012

Please describe what it looked like and why you wore it and how it felt to wear it. If you can provide a picture, even better.

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for Halloween, the emperor on StarWars

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I once went to high school in tight brown corduroys, potato shoes (with white socks), and a t-shirt with James Dean on it.

Why? I wish I knew.

We also had a spirit week in high school each year where each day was themed – tacky day, redneck day, etc., so I’m sure I wore some goofy stuff then as well.

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Saddle shoes, bobby socks, poodle skirt with a crinoline underneath, short-sleeved blouse,. little scarf knotted around my neck and elastic cinch belt. Back then it was called fashionable.

This was the look. That is not me.

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For about two hours I wore a hot, rubber chicken suit outside a fast food broasted chicken place. I walked up and down the highway outside the restaurant until I started to feel sick. I went back to the restroom, took off the suit and left it there. I went out to my car and drove off and never spoke to those people again. I wish I had a picture. It was this really goofy chicken with huge multi-colored feathers off the hat that made it really hard to hold up my head. Well. Enough about that. As my friends daughter always says so ironically, “Good times. Good times.”

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My mom used to buy rummage sales clothes for me as a kid. Once she bought these red, white and blue striped pants. I am not kidding. This kid called me Uncle Sam. I am glad I get to pick out my own clothes now and buy decent stuff.

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I had a t shirt that said “Last year in Oregon 677 people fell off their bikes. ... and drowned. ”
I wore it to the worlds fair the year it was in Spokane. (Sometime in the ‘70’s. )

My daughters made fun of my hot pink with black polka dot stretch pants I wore in the ‘80’s. I saved them along with my leather mini skirts and fucia pink sequined shirt for my grand kids ‘80’s days when they become teenagers.

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A clown outfit for an after school activity I was required to do, complete with red nose and shoes. I felt very stupid in it and I was so glad to get rid of the thing after.

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I once had a roommate that dressed my in old fashioned bell bottoms made out of sparkly rayon and were lavender. They were too big and too long so she had me put on her stripper boots and found a loosely woven decorative purple scarf as a belt, but there were no belt loops and so then she folded the waistband down. I canmt remember what top I wore I was having such a difficult time trying to keep the pants from falling down. I think it was a too tight short shirt.
Yes she was mad at me I don’t remember why, when I asked her how to make her feel better she said wanted to dress me.
That was the last time, though thankfully I kept the pants up I think I ended up doing it with safety pins.

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A tie-dye jumpsuit and a Viking helmet. Can’t find the pics, but I remember that the cat was terrified.

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Drunk Punk : put a buttoned black shirt on inside out, put my trouser legs into my “nazi-shoes” (as my friends like to call my military/factory/punk boots), spiked my hair into a messy mohawk, grabbed a friend’s bass guitar and got drunk prior to all of that. The picks are (un)fortunately MIA… As for the why… because it seemed like a good idea at the time xD

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After my divorce I dressed up as “Bride of Frankenstein” for a party.
Wore my wedding dress, dyed my hair a bunch of psycho colors.
I looked great, and then, I donated Bride of Frankensteins dress to a thrift store to be recycled as a Halloween costume for some other poor mutilated woman. lol

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I went to the movies with my boy friend and another couple wearing all black clothing and bluegreen lipstick, just for the fun of it. They made me walk 4 paces behind them.

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When I was a kid my dad would make me wear this horrible pair of lederhosen that he bought at a swap meet and thought were just the coolest thing.

Show me the 8 year old that thinks ugly leather shorts are cool… :/

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I wore a dress, a necklace with dime-store costume “jewelry”, and dude’s shoes while pretending to hitch a ride on a busy street. :-)

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I’m a tall guy – maybe 6’4”,

When i was in college I was part of a four-person madrigal group – two guys, two girls.

We dressed up with king-like capes and tights.

Nothing funnier than a really tall guy wearing tights…

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@FutureMemory; It sounds quite fetching, particularly if you wore the matching hat with the jaunty feather.

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I also had this top that was really long. It came down to my lower thighs. I thought it was kind of a short dress and went around in it for a full day without pants. This guy was kind of leering at me. Later I figured out it was meant to be worn with leggings.

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