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Which two animals would you combine to make your dream pet?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26782points) December 7th, 2012

Specifically in this theoretical way. You take one animal’s behavioral characteristics and put it into another, thereby changing its very nature.

Which animal whose behavior it is you would take and upon which other animal would you put this behavior into-?

If you don’t feel like doing it this way then, please feel free to deviate into hypothetical crossbreeding.

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Well, I have a cat that comes when I call him, gets down when I say “down”, and relieves himself outside.

I have a cat that is all the good bits of having a dog, without the slobber and neediness.

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A boar and a tiger. That would rock.

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A parrott & a dog, how fucking epic would a talking dawg be?

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A human and a gerbil.

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A dog and a stuffed dog. I would love to have a dog when I was around but be able to put it on a shelf and not worry when I went away.

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Put the ‘good’ traits of your ‘typical’ Golden Retriever into a King Cobra. Despite my acute fear of snakes I find them beautiful, fascinating creatures. How awesome would it be having this dude for a guard dog!

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I want to put the characteristics of a house cat into a lion or leopard, so I could have my own wild cat without fear of being mauled or eaten.

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@ucme Yeah, he’d be all, wassup baus.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Nice, but what about possible bone breakage whenever she jumps on you lap-? Not to mention that favorite chair shredded in seconds. Lol.

@Symbeline I’ll battle your boar and tiger with my badger and panther-!

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@Symbeline “Hey sucker, I can lick my balls, jealous much?”

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@mazingerz88 Naw, if my brother could sit on me when he was morbidly obese without killing me, I think I could handle the weight, and the cat would have to be docile enough to let me cut her claws every few days. Litter training might prove to be difficult though… :D

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That’s not litter, that’s one dang pile-! : )

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It’s a great question, but I think dogs are perfect, they don’t need to be mixed with any other animal!

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This question reminds me of Jonathan Coulton’s Skullcrusher Mountain

I made this half-pony half-monkey monster to please you
But I get the feeling that you don’t like it
What’s with all the screaming?
You like monkeys, you like ponies
Maybe you don’t like monsters so much
Maybe I used too many monkeys

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