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Have you walked the Appalachian trail or know someone who did?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 8th, 2012

Should nature loving jellies form a group and do it-? How long would it take, six months-? Seriously, just wish to hear from someone who actually did it. Saw this documentary on walking the trail but would like to hear more personal stories and those that you might have heard from someone you know. Thank you.

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I’ve walked several parts of it, and once dreamed of doing the whole thing. I did a lot of reading on it at the time (this was maybe 15 years ago or so), and found that there’s a wealth of information out there about timing, gear, repairs, mail drops, all kinds of stuff. Some folks who complete the AT go on to write books about it – seek out some of those; there are blogs out there now as well. I hope you get to do it, it’s an incredible journey.

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I’ve had 2 co-workers that walked the trail. One went the entire distance and it took him 6 months. The other one had to quit after a month because of health issues. Both were men if that matters. Both said they met the most amazing people and hope to be lifelong friends with them. Never once did either feel they were in danger from other people or wild animals.

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I have walked on two sections, and camped overnight on the AT. I use one portion of it as a day hike a lot because I’m fortunate enough to have access to a cabin that’s only a 20 minute walk from one of the trailheads. It is lovely, but some parts are way better than others. The people I encountered on the trail and the hitcher I once drove into town from a trailhead were very friendly and interesting. I would love to do a thru hike someday – it’s one of the ideas for our honeymoon. The other is a BWCA trip, so it’s a tough decision.

If a jelly group gets together for an AT adventure, count me in!

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I thought this was going to be a question asking who has had an affair, thanks to this guy

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I’ve walked a few sections here an there over the years, but never even considered walking the whole thing. I’ve spoken with people who have done it and read about them. I especially remember some women who were murdered on the trail, which makes me feel uneasy about it. The world is not as nice a place as I would like it to be, I’m afraid.

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I’m originally from Virginia. My home state has more miles of the AT than any other state. I’ve hiked a great deal of the trail in my state but I’ve met many, many people over the years who have hiked the entire trail. My cousin is hiking the trail as I type. He’s been out for about five months now. You have to consider the seasons to determine where you start and where you are going to end.

Have you heard the true story of Randall Lee Smith? It is one of those OMG stories you have to read.

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