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We can change lives by inspiration and attraction or we can rant and rave, which one are you?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 9th, 2012

I have met many inspiring people in my lifetime. I can remember wishing desperately I had what they had. These people often changed my life, or thoughts or ideas on society and people.

You also get aggressive hard nuts, that try to bash home a point. This simply turns me off. Which one are you? And how is it working out for you? Details are much appreciated. On your methods, and how other methods have worked on you too.

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I am a ranter and raver, historically; who is consciously working toward becoming an inspirer/attractor. As an abused and neglected child, I tried to get attention through hissy fits, yet I still never felt as though I was being heard – even through young adulthood. As I’ve learned to let go of the rage and blame, I’ve also worked on changing my habits of getting riled-up and verbally out of control when in a confrontational situation. It still creeps up at times when I feel frustrated and disrespected, which fortunately doesn’t happen often anymore.

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I am not a ranter and raver..

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I try not to limit myself. Since I work with students, I work to guide them and be a good example, but I’m certainly not above a good rant when necessary.

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It’s rare for me to rant, but I can,
I really dislike complainers, the occasional frustrated rant is fine but I prefer looking for ways to take action instead of complaining.
A friend recently paid me a nice compliment and said ” You know what you want and that’s what I like about you.”
I can only listen just so much to complainers before I want to smack ‘em in the head. lol

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I used to be a preacher when I was young but soon discovered that that didn’t work.

When I think about my role models. they are all doers. I try to emulate their actions or behaviors (these may be the same thing.)

Try to live an exemplary life. Others will get the point without your needing to have a PR person.

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Those are not mutually exclusive.

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yep I am somewhere in between. And yes I do enjoy a good rant from time to time. It feels good.
But it is surprisingly easy to be an attractor. Kindness, thoughtfulness consideration and a genuine warmth go really far.

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I’m a raver, can’t you tell?

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I think those are both viable methods, depending on the circumstance.
Nowt wrong with a well-timed, good intentioned rant, that’s what the sgt major is in the army for.

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What? We have to choose only one. I am both, sometimes at the same time.

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I don’t know. You tell me. Do I inspire? Attract? Or rave? Probably a bit of each. I do enjoy attracting, but that almost never happens. I also love to rant and rave, and that happens a lot. Inspiring sounds noble, but I can’t imagine I have every inspired anyone. I’m not opposed to it, of course. I just don’t think people find me all that inspiring.

Now don’t all leap to confirm that, people!

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Both, for sure. In day-to-day life, I am not much of a rant and rave kind of person, but I sure do get there sometimes. When I’m passionate about something, and am not getting results one way, I am more than willing to go the extra mile. ;)

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