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Do you have a positive outlook in life ?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 12th, 2012

1)How often do you whine about things around yourself?

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I have a positive outlook on life, but not at all about your questions, Your subordinate questions have nothing at all to do with your main questions.

My approach to life is that putting in the effort and work can most often lead to a positive outcome. It does not mean complete and utter success, but that most times I will be satisfied with the outcome.

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Yes, I believe so. I would consider myself optimistic about the outlook on life.

1) well, I tried my best and I trust that however things happen will be okay. I just need to see my alternatives since I can’t do anything about the past, but just learn for the future

2) I am happy and accept the way things work out.

3) (I don’t see how changing my plans often relates to being positive, and I’m not sure what kind of plans you mean.) I’m not always sure about what I want to do, but if I have good reason to change my plans, then I will.

4) now I will not worry everyone when I’m gone, everyone is dying with me! I’ve had a nice life so far anyways, good times, bad times and I’m happy with the way things have turned out so far.

5) I still whine about things… Doesn’t mean my outlook on life isn’t overall positive. People tell me I am optimistic. I may overthink and such, but I do not fret on the past; although I may think negatively about it once in a while, I still accept whatever happened.

6) I have my own opinions.

7) yes.

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Well, if positive is white and negative is black, my outlook is gray. I can’t really seperate them from my outlook on life.
1) I wouldn’t be ecstatic, that’s for sure.

2) Not great, but it could always be worse.

3) Sometimes I change or alter plans. It depends on the situation…

4) “That sucks. I guess it won’t matter if I take up smokin’ or drinking now.”

5) I whine a bit. But, only in my head.

6) I discuss things that are happening, but I don’t spread rumors.

7) Sure. When you’re poor you kinda have to be.

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Yes. Not always, but yes.
For example; I’m positive I will not be answering all if your sub-questions.

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1.) Most of the time yes, I am a natural extrovert and one of the most optimistic personality types, known as ” The Enthusiasts”. However, I have been in a negative place for the last few weeks, experiencing a rash of things breaking that has cost me a shit ton of cash right before the holidays.

2.) My life and all around me is fine, whether I can keep maintaining it is the problem. lol

3.) I’m an options open type, and very flexible, I can easily change plans without feeling angsty about it. Hardcore rigidity is not part of my make up.

4.) Why react? If it’s inevitable kicking and screaming won’t change anything. Hey, being dead is a great way to save money.

5.) I am not a complainer, I am an innovative problem solver, however, under great stress, meaning not able to generate any new possibilities I will catch my thoughts sliding towards worst case scenarios.

6. No. I HATE gossip. Small minds talk abut people, I prefer to talk about ideas.

7.) I believe in being practical when called for, but not as an extreme way of life.
I am generous by nature and dislike uber miserly people, the “practical” shoe crowd, the “let’s calculate how much every individual slice of bread costs”....ugh, live a little!

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I know myself that I have a negative outlook on life. I’m guessing I’ll just ‘play along’ with this role play-type of questions…
1. Meh, I was likely to lose anyway. What was the point in trying?
2. Life is a mystery. The things around me? They’re just… there.
3.I change my plans quite a lot. I believe I’m a procrastinator. Earlier: “I’m going to sleep at 9:30!” Later: “Nah. I’ll do that tomorrow.”
4. My reaction? Love it.
5. A lot. But not too much to be considered a spoiled brat.
6. Yeah I gossip. It doesn’t mean it’s good. But I don’t spread it, that’s for sure. But wait… isn’t the whole point of gossip spreading (false) things around about other people? I guess I don’t gossip much.
7. Practicality… I guess. It depends on the scenario really.

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I do not believe in winning and losing. I do not define things in those terms.

My life presents challenges and I enjoy them.

I change my plans when necessary, which is often.

I laugh.

I don’t know how often I whine. You’ll have to ask my friends and colleagues.

I gossip. Show me someone who doesn’t gossip, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t care about life.

Now why would I believe in being practical? Hell no! I want to be as impractical and inefficient as possible! Don’t you?~

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I was an optimist for most of my life, but I’ve been seeing less and less reason to be optimistic. Poor governing is occurring all over the globe; prejudices of varying kinds and politics is responsible for too many decisions. Individuals do not consider others. People are starving; fighting is the first reaction to different beliefs or actions of others.
Anger abounds. I’m depressing myself. On the other hand, music, dance, the arts, science, communication, what’s left of nature, are all positive. The indestructible bubbles of enthusiasm I am fortunate enough to carry, tend to overcome the negatives. I’m also very good at denial.

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I made a pledge to myself a long time ago to be happy every single day of my life, and so far I’ve been successful.

There are times in many days when I have other feelings, but I wake up happy every day.

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I do now but I had to have an Opticorectalostomy to sever the nerve that ran from my eyes to my assh*le and gave me a shitty outlook on life.

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I never whine. What’s the point? I will talk about things. Maybe complain. But I realize that it’s up to me to fix anything that needs fixing in my life.

Like I was depressed. Everyone told me it wasn’t my fault. It was brain chemistry. Didn’t matter to me. I still felt I needed to fix it, and the fact that I couldn’t fix it was no excuse. Fix it or die, was my feeling on the matter.

So yeah. As far as I know, I’m still alive. Yay for me! [said in tiny, silly voice]

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My glass is half-full.

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