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How easily could you find a store that sells a battery tester for AA, AAA etc. in your neighborhood stores?

Asked by flo (11139points) December 12th, 2012

If you found many batteries almost new, and almost dead, different brands, all mixed up, could you count on finding a battery tester almost as easily as you could find battreries? They used to have them, I’m told, and they used to cost maybe around $10.
This is both a question about the environment, and needing to buy a battery tester right away.

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I local hardware store used to have a battery testing service. Maybe you could call around your area and find someplace like that.

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A hardware store should have them, or a Lowes or Home Depot.

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@YARNLADY I thought about that too, but I was thinking just to buy it not to take the batteries there.
@Adirondackwannabe I see for example they have at Lowes but no price? Here

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I see them in hardware stores, RadioShack, even a household goods (utensils, brooms, small appliances etc.). Sometimes in the general purpose drugstore too.

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While a bit more difficult to use and probably easier to find I would just get a multimeter. It will tell you the voltage coming off the batteries and you can use it for AC too. You can get a cheap one for ten bucks.

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@dabbler that sounds good
Wow that sounds great @johnpowell esp. for the price.

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That works for me. Simple, cheap, and does the job.

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Other than using a screenshot, or using the words “scroll down to the middle of the page…” how do you specify an area of a webpage with pictures?
Like in my last post, it was the bunch of testers in the middle of the page I was referring to, not the one at the top.

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I would go to Radio Shack or a Batteries+ store.

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There is a battery store 15 minutes from me, I assume they have one to use or buy.

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For screen shots, try Jet Screenshot. It is free today at Giveaway of the Day. Other folks prefer prntscr, however. This is also free.

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Extremely easily. I’m embarassed to say but there’s a Wal-Mart 3 blocks down. Also places like Radioshack and stores along those lines all in the same vicinity.

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I bought mine at Batteries Plus, which may be a chain store.

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@flo: The battery tester at Lowes is selling for $6.48, according to your link.

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Thanks everyone.

@gailcalled I clicked on the tester, no price. I clicked on “chat” not working.

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Your link transferred me to a store in my neighborhood. The $6.48 appeared automatically.

Try this

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I don’t see a price anywhere. How did it transfer you to the store? What did you click or enter?

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As I said, it appeared automatically because, apparently, there is a Lowe’s within 10 miles of me. I did not click on or enter anything other than opening your link. There is no other way I can phrase this.

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Okay @gailcalled. Thanks.

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