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It's been a while and there's a whole new gaggle of jellies - so maybe you'll take a moment and tell us about your nickname and (current) avatar's inspiration?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 12th, 2012

And anything else about you, if you wish.

But the choice of nickname has especially always fascinated me, for unlike your birth name – you really had a choice here.

Mine is a (current) play on Zen – which I’ve had for many millenia online. It is something I wish I had more of.

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My avatar is me. I look younger in it than I am but it is current. I chose Jennifer because I didn’t want to use my real name and it is pretty.

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I thought it was a fluther of jellies?

I’m not new, but in case you didn’t know, when I was in first grade my poem about being a sunflower was published in the local paper. I do change it at times. My mom used to call me JLeslie at times when I was young.

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I thought it was a fluther of geese.

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JLeslie-I wrote a poem when I was 15. It is called Psycho Ward.

Empty Faces
Staring Eyes

Mumbling, Chanting
Screams and Cries

Groans and Moans
Are left ignored

Welcome to the psycho ward.

I know it’s a little dark.

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@JenniferP It is dark, but 15 year olds tend to be a little dark. The poem was troubling to me, but then the last line made me laugh. :) I like it.

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Bellatrix was suggested by some now gone Jellies when I changed from my original Fluther name. I like it because I think Bellatrix Lestrange is pretty cool (as is Helena Bonham Carter). Bella is also a derivative of the Spanish version of my real name.

My cat picture is one I stole from somewhere on the internet. I have changed on occasions but a very sweet jelly mentioned how much he liked this picture and so I have reverted to using this for my avatar.

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I don’t know if you remember this, but I was there in chat when you changed your name.

One thing I don’t remember is what your previous jelly name was. Would you like to refresh my memory?

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@Brian1946 I just sent that to you privately. :-) I like my new name. I think our former jellies did a great job of thinking it up.

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After having been away for a while, I don’t know who is who anymore… avatar changes confuse me enough, but the name and account changes that so many of you go through really sets my head spinning. I hope people with better memories than mine are forgiving if I don’t recognize you or recall details from posts 3, 4, or 5 years old.

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@hearkat A lot of people here used to be someone else, including me (daloon). But The rule is one change, so everyone who was once someone else will forever be who they are, unless they kill themselves off and become a new person.

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My screenname is just my real name and my birth year. Not very inspiring, sorry!

My current avatar is Helen Bonham-Carter as Miss Havisham (Great Expectations). I am a little bit in love with HBC after seeing her in this role.

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I have only changed my avatar once or twice briefly and then changed it back. Le Penguin c’est moi. When we were first together, my husband referred to me as a penguin and it has stuck. I saw this illustration somewhere and co-opted it. It fits since I am a reader and a librarian. My screename is fairly obvious: first name, two initials. Have never changed it.

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My avatar is a crook neck squash that I saw at the county fair. I am a food enthusiast, and a vegetarian. I like to cook and try out new restaurants, and find new recipes and plan potlucks and holiday parties. My name is is actually from the spice Cardamom (only I changed it to a K, so it would be personalized) I am not, contrary to some people’s beliefs a Mom. Cardamom is the most delicious smelling spice in the world. It is used a lot in Indian cooking, and in Scandanavian baking. I was directed to Fluther from a cooking website, initially I thought it was just going to be answering questions about food and cooking. Turns out that it was much, much more!

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@wundayatta – at least you kept your avatar when you changed names… but I think I’d recognize your writing anyway. Sometimes I see old posts where your current name appears, but the references from others still say @daloon.

I did not know about the one name-change limit. Still, folks can delete and create a new account, as you said, and I’m pretty sure some have done that. There are several people whom I haven’t seen since I’ve been back, and I don’t know if they have new names, new accounts, or are gone altogether. Oh well.

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@hearkat Actually, I had a different avatar for a a long time. But I decided to go back to the old one when I felt like it fit me again.

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And thank {insert your deity here} for that. I hated Daloon’s old avatar.

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I don’t know what it was.

Wunday, am still pondering on the idea that you feel a picture of an arse is now a good fit for you.

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@wundayatta You were a butterfly for a while, right?

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Ahh perhaps symbolic of metamorphosis. Only you know that though @Wunday.

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That’s because you may not to see what my avatar actually is. If you look through the surface, you’ll be able to deduce a great deal about the real me. I wouldn’t bother, though. It’s much more fun to dismiss me as an asshole.

In any case, @zensky is having us on. My current avatar was the avatar I had when I was Daloon.

Yeah, I was a butterfly for a while. It was supposed to symbolize emerging from the darkness. But it was stupid and too sweet and probably a big mistake. I’m an ass. That’s my true personality.

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A big old loveable ass. Fluther wouldn’t be the same without you Day.

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Well, my former Answerbag screen-name was the name of an old roleplaying character of mine – Lady Alathia. I changed to Seek Kolinahr less than a month before the Exodus of 2009.

“Kolinahr” is a concept created by Gene Roddenberry as a sort of mental Nirvana for Vulcans (Star Trek, natch). It is “the attainment of perfect logic” – the ultimate shedding of vestigial emotion.

Few Vulcans attain Kolinahr, as they are an exceptionally emotional race by nature. Their lives are spent in efforts to remain logical despite their emotions; they are not emotionless.

My screen name is a sort of mantra – to remind myself to think things through before acting on emotion, to choose not to become angry when that would be an unproductive act, and to resist the urge to judge before considering all aspects of a situation.

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<——My eye. I have two blue eyes and live in New Hampshire

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My avatar is from the anime show Elfen Lied.

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I love words and language—so my screen-name is pretty self-explanatory.

Speedy came up as a result of one of the questions I answered on Fluther when I first started. It asked which cartoon character I was most like and I answered Speedy, got a Speedy avatar and alternate between using Speedy and the photo of the hand-jellies I designed.

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My screen name is a combination of hear (my vocation is audiology) and Kat (my nickname).

My avatar was originally a Calvin and Hobbes scene, where they are hugging.

My current avatar was drawn for me by a friend who illustrates and writes children’s books, among other things.

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