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What happened to my mystery snail?

Asked by latinagirl56 (109points) December 18th, 2012

So a few weeks ago I bought 2 additional mystery snails for my fish tank. One was blue and the other was white. When I added the snails to the tank the white one wouldn’t come out of its shell. And for hours it stayed at one spot. But eventually it started moving around and also started feeding. But recently it hasn’t been moving. Every morning I feed my fish and I check on my snails to see how they are doing. And I always double check my white mystery snail because I always had this fear that one day it was just going to find it dead in my tank. But I did notice that every time I feed my fish (I feed them 3 times a day, but very small portions) that my white mystery snail moved to a different spot in my tank. So I thought everything was okay again. I just finished feeding my fish and noticed the shell for my white mystery snail is empty. So my question is what the hell happened to my snail? And what could have caused this to happen?

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Its a MYSTERY!!!!

Also it’s probably dead. Don’t know why.

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What are your water parameters and how do you acclimate the snail to your tank?

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I would take the shell back from where you bought it and ask for a replacement.

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@Cerrie I wouldn’t do that just yet. Its not like a broken appliance that you just bring back. You should first figure out what the problem is otherwise the next snail is just going to die too.

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Are the fishes carnivores?
Are the mystery snails cannibals?

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I think that the fish somehow ate the snail, hard to say. I had guppies in an outdoor water garden a few years ago and the wild tree frogs ate them!
Never crossed my mind that would happen.

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