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Why won't my PC recognise my monitor?

Asked by flutherother (27335points) December 19th, 2012

I have a tower PC with a Radeon HD 4300 graphics card and I want to use my HD television as a monitor but they aren’t speaking to one another. Any idea why not? My PC has a DVI out and I use an adaptor cable to connect it to the HDMI in of my Samsung television.

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DRM, missing HDCP expected on HDMI.
Just speculating the HDMI port on the TV might be requiring a HDCP handshake. Is it a fairly new TV?

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Yes, it’s a new TV and is HD Ready. According to your link it will have HDCP so this might be the issue but I’ve never heard of this problem.

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It’s certainly only one possibility. Do you have any other HDMI screens into which you could try hook PC output ? I.e. are you sure the DVI-HDMI adapter is working ? And/or is the basic DVI output on the computer working into a DVI monitor ?
I’d try all of those if the right gadgets are lying around.

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The adapter is brand new but I’ll try it with my main TV tomorrow to check it works. Good idea!

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@dabbler‘s answers are very good ones.
And just because the adapter is new, doesn’t mean its not DOA. That happens fairly often with those little (often generic) odds and ends pieces.

I just wanted to make sure that you know that running a DVI through an HDMI adapter will NOT provide sound, you’ll need a seperate connection to audio. You may already know this, but this is a very common mistake.

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@wds2 Good point about the sound. I run my projector that way, video only, and the sound goes into the ‘stereo’.

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I just wanted to point out something….. you mentioned the TV is fairly new and HD ready.(an HD ready TV is able to display an HD picture but does not have a built-in HD tuner therefore it requires an external tuner) They stopped manufacturing HD ready TVs a long time ago. Presently TVs are either digital (with a built-in digital tuner) or HD (with built-in digital & HD turner)
Maybe the problem lies on the fact that you’re using an HD ready TV.

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I tried connecting with my main TV but this doesn’t work either. It might be a cable problem but the source input is lit and identified on my monitor so the connection is recognised but no data is being processed.

The TV does have a tuner and plays digital TV broadcasts without any trouble.

I have a separate sound system for my PC so sound is OK.

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Do you have a computer monitor with a DVI input that you could test the DVI output from the computer going straight to a DVI display?

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I’ve got it sorted thanks. The DVI output from my PC was dead but fortunately there is a second connection which works great.

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