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Can anyone come up with a good slogan for Flutheries?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) June 8th, 2008

something like we are the “Flutheries” we are the ones…..

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It’s flutherific!

It’s fluthertastic!

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Futher: A Stinging Good Time!

(stinging replaces stinking)

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Mother Fluther its Flutherific

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It’s a flutherin good time

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How about “Tap the Collective”?

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let me fluther you with love ?
in this scene, she’ll be the fluther girl (i wonder how many get it…and if you do, you’re a pervert)
things to do on fluther when you’re dead
war of the web: an incase study of fluther
Indiana Jones and the Fluther Site

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All you need is lurve.

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I may be wrong but I think he means a slogan for the people on Fluther (Flutherites) and not a slogan for Fluther.

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fluther bees on the swarm!

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Flutherites: Tap or be tapped!

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How about throwing a little Latin in there for erudition’s sake:
“Fluthero, ergo sum”

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mmm tap that collective.

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@paulc You got it right!

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Us are fluther. Hear Us roar.

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My brotha from anotha flutha!

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I like @Harp ‘s comment the best!

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