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Suicide symbols?

Asked by Ohhkatiedid (17points) December 23rd, 2012 from iPhone

Recently, I’ve been facing some traumatizing events due to suicide in the family. Therefore, I really want to get a tattoo that has something to do with anti suicide or anti depression. But the thing is I can only get it behind my ear because of my occupation. If anyone knows of any symbols or can send me a link it would be much appreciated!

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How about a song lyric that is optimistic?

“Here comes the sun”

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A small and simplified design of the phoenix, rising from the ashes as a symbol of rebirth. The ones I have found online are large and very elaborate. A good artist can scale something down for you.

The ankh is a symbol of life. See here

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You can’t see the sunshine if you don’t open up the blinds.

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Love can fight depression. Perhaps some symbol of love.

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I made a simple symbol symbol inspired by @gailcalled to literally say “LOVE LIFE” combining a heart with the Ankh. I thought that might work as an anti-suicide symbol. As Gail said, a phoenix is a nice symbol of life from ashes, and in addition there is also the caduceus.

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A tear drop with a circle. The never ending circle that you cannot escape.

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Completely agree with @gailcalled for ankh as the symbol of life

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There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

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