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I need help with buying these converses?

Asked by fightfightfight (596points) December 27th, 2012

Ok, so I want these converses right here: here’s the link…

The only problem is that they’re all in mens, not womens. I’m a girl and I have a pair of regular converses that are size 6, and here’s the listing for these ones:

Mens 4 = Womens 6

Mens 5 = Womens 7

Mens 6 = Womens 8

Now the one I would get is the first one, “Mens 4 = women’s 6” but they don’t have this option anymore, so now I’m forced to go with the second one, which would be size 7 in womens. The size would be one up higher than my original but I wanted to know if it would be way bigger or just a little bigger…should I take the chance and just go with the size 7 one?? I don’t want to waste almost $70 here.

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@fightfightfight Your link shows that the shoes are no longer available. Either way, a full size bigger that your normal size will probably be significantly too big. A half size would be doable, but your feet would most likely be swimming in a shoe that large.

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Shoes are notoriously tricky. Sizes differ between patterns as well as brands.

If you must buy them online, I would recommend going to your nearest Converse retailer and trying shoes on, then finding out the name of the shoe that fits you best and what exact size it is, and buying that same shoe in that same size online.

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If you buy a whole size bigger you are going to be uncomfortable in them. Just wait til you can find the right size. I have a pair of shoes that is only a half size too big, Vans, and they are just annoying to wear. It’s not terrible and I still wear them but another half size and I can see it just being too much.

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No way. For converse you have to go a half to a full size down. It’s best to try them on at a store or something to see for yourself.

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Ok, thanks guys.

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Don’t buy them. I agree Converse run large, at least I know that for women they do. Usually when converting from women’s sizes to men’s you go down 1.5 sizes. Converse does not even do that, because they only run full sizes. It is too tricky to figure it out without trying them on, and if you already know what size fits more or less, then going a whole size larger won’t work most likely.

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