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I don't have beer for a beer dip recipe, what could I substitute for the liquid and seasoning to get a good flavor?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) December 27th, 2012

The recipe calls for a cup of beer, cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese. I want to adapt the recipe a bit for a cheese sauce, so I need it to be more liquid, less stiff. I do have seltzer water that I could substitute for the liquid, and I know I can cut back the cream cheese to make it more fluid, but I can’t think of a seasoning to add to perk it up a bit. Do you have any suggestions?

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Worcestershire sauce and some spicy mustard.

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Go with @janbb‘s wise suggestions. You might also want to add a few drops of hot sauce.

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Well this site suggests using sparkling cider or regular cidar as a substitution for beer batter. I haven’t tried it but it does sound good.

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I second sparkling apple cider as a substitute. I’ve used it for beer battered chicken to good effect.

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Will you heat the cheese sauce, or do you want it cold? You could use milk for a cheese sauce. Or cream, if you want it to be richer.

I would not go for the sweet substitutes. You wouldn’t want sweetness in a cheese sauce, I don’t think. And you want something that’s a little bitter—like the hoppiness in beer, in order to balance the cream and sharpness of the cheese. So I’d rather go with milk, which is less sweet (although still sweet) and maybe add the w-sauce or hot sauce to cut through the sweetness a bit. Or just more salt and pepper. Additionally, curry powder goes well with cheese sauces. I also use oregano and nutmeg in them.

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I’d use the seltzer water for the volume of the beer, and I’d also use some extra seasonings; not so much to try to imitate the flavor of the beer, but a suitable substitute. Savories, such as cumin, sage, or fennel would be interesting.

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I went with with the Worcestershire sauce, considered the hot sauce, but skipped it. It was a hot cheese sauce and turned out well. I forgot to mention the recipe uses Ranch dressing mix, so that flavor came through. I would have tried the sparkling apple cider, but I let the kids drink that for Christmas Day dinner.

Thanks for all the tips, I’ll remember for the next time I want a cheese sauce.

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