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After eating red beets, do you find that the coloring eventually shows up in the toilet bowl?

Asked by bossob (5904points) December 29th, 2012

The first time it happened to me, I thought I had become ill, and had deathly internal problems. Turns out, it happens to several family members, too. I’m just wondering if passing the coloring was typical, or if other people’s digestive tracts handle the coloring differently.

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I’m going to have to eat some beets tonight and wait till tomorrow to get back to you.

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Thanks for the help!

First thing that I’ve learned: not everybody looks!

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Oh yes. Always.

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Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Many foods color what comes out the other end. It’s part of the reason people need to not eat anything but clear broth and light colored sodas before a colonscopy. Anything that might discolor things in there could worry the doctor.

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My poo will smell and turn the colour of what I eat often. I have a very fast and poor digestive tract and at times can pass food that isn’t terribly digested. All part of my wonderful Graves Disease.

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Yes! The first time I ate them, and that was probably about 5 years ago, so well into my adulthood, I ate some delicious raw red beets. The next morning, I was convinced that I had cancer. My mother had to explain to me what was happening. D’oh!

I eat raw beets fairly often and when I prep them, my kitchen and sink look like there’s been a murder comitted there.

If you like beets and that scenario freaks you out, try golden beets instead : )

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Beetroot residues provides an excellent indicator of how quickly or slowly one’s colon works.

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@Adagio How so? What is the optimal time?

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@wundayatta I’m not entirely sure what the optimal time is but I do know that with myself I have noticed differences in the amount of time it can take for residues to appear in a bowel motion, anywhere from the next day to several days later. I would hazard a guess that the next day would be a healthier outcome than several days later.

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@Adagio Well, that’s a nice guess for me. I wonder if there’s any science to it.

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Yes. The first time it happened to my dad, he just about flipped. He was super freaked out. The doctors were running all these tests before they realized it was just because he ate beets the day before!

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