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Women: What are your hobbies?

Asked by Spargett (5385points) June 8th, 2008

Things that are not hobbies: Shopping, drinking, eating out, and spending time with your boyfriend.

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hehe, my ex had a hobby, she played the piano, too bad she only practiced one hour a week, didn’t like to improvise…man, what a hobby…

nice question

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i like to play around with different softwares and new sites. i also love all tech toys and enjoy messing around with that too. i love reading books, i can be more than happy if i just read books all summer. i like to learn new languages. currently i am learning chinese. it’s challenging yet a lot of fun. i love taking pictures and videos of friends and having fun editing those. I think that probably sums it up for me. what about you?

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I don’t consider those things you listed as hobbies, particularly shopping, unless it’s for something critically needed.

Photography. My current photography endeavors are HDR (high dynamic range) food images.

Cooking. Not just cooking, but COOKING. Searching for the right meal (we don’t entertain as much right now for personal reasons) and making sure that the evening is going to be great—meal is the most important (usually something out of the ordinary), good music and possibly dancing, great conversation. (It also means taking a bit of time poring over cookbooks.)

Bicycling. Good to combine with photography, too.

Designing web graphics and pages. Photography also comes in handy here, too. Trying to design something that’s currently not being done but that really compliments what the pages are about, the right images, the right layout and style, the right colors, the right font.

Playing Battle Dawn.

These are my current hobbies. Are you wondering what women with their spare time?

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New Hobby: Geocaching – is it a hobby or a sport? I don’t know.
Visiting museums and places of historical interest. Zoos, aquariums.
Rock / Mineral Collecting.
Shell Collecting.

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Why is this XX only? Do I detect a subtle hint of judgment? Do those things count as hobbies if you’re men? What if you’re a serious foodie—then can eating out be a hobby?

I used to do yoga every morning but recently that has been too complicated. Used to run until exboyfriend lost my iPod. So now am reading a lot more and when that fails, sulking and feeling sorry for myself.

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Women have time for hobbies?

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I was honestly curious. Most women I know have no hobbies. I figured someone has to do something other than “go out”.

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Amateur photography, painting, crafts (mostly in the run up to x-mas), knitting and a little bit of sewing – need to get better at that though.
As for the shopping part, it kinda fits in with my hobbies since it’s all a bit fashion/esthetics/visually oriented.

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Women have hobbies as varied as the imagination – something it sounds like your current circle of friends is lacking in. Perhaps the question is not with these particular women and their uninteresting lifestyles, but rather why you are attracting them into yours

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I like to bake – especially cookies.
I also like to read.
My friend is trying to teach me how to longboard.
I like painting (although I don’t do it as much as I’d like to).

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@Spargett I thought that was probably your reason for asking. I wonder if it’s a good idea for us to share our ages to see if there’s something revealing in that. I would think that the younger set is probably doing a lot of socializing that doesn’t involve what we (at least you and I) consider to be a hobby.

Allie (who appears to be younger) does have some social hobbies (GO ALLIE!).

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Hobbies my girl friends in their early 20s have: photography, painting, music, running, tennis, swimming, gardening, baking, jewelery-making, pottery, volunteering, softball, cycling, horseback riding, skiing…

….and that is NOT including hobbies they have turned into careers, which would include several aspiring scientists, an opera singer, a film student, and one friend who is off saving the world with her Luce fellowship and Rhodes scholarship.

I personally am a lazy, hedonistic, narcissistic slob. But my friends are not, and on their behalf I am disappointed in your analysis.

And what’s wrong with shopping, drinking, eating out, and hanging out with your boyfriend, anyway? Especially on the last matter—few things in life are more rewarding than your connection to another human being. Right?

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@nikipedia I didn’t get the impression that there’s anything wrong with the things that you listed, but he (and I for that matter) don’t really classify them as hobbies. What you listed as yoga and reading, are something that I would consider hobbies, they enrich your life and make a contribution to it, while being enjoyable and relaxing, and you’re acquiring a skill or craft or knowledge of some kind.

I don’t think it’s fair to penalize someone who is questioning whether their current frame of reference is accurate.

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Just to clarify, my personal definition of a hobby is something that is a “skill” or knowledge base that can be developed, and a subject that others can converse about by sharing experience, personal preferences, etc.

Stamp collecting, cooking, woodworking, photography. These are all things that appear to me as more of a hobby than something that is merely entertaining/distracting you for the time being like a movie or eating at a restaurant.

Again, these are just my interpretation of what I feel defines a hobby. And with everything in life, there are always exceptions.

Wikipedia has some interesting things to say about hobbies. Hobby – Wikipedia

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Interesting discussion.
I’ve always made paintings and prints (intaglio, linocut, etc.) and shown and sold them. I always hated having people refer to this as a hobby because I considered it
to be a calling.
It’s absorbing in that way that anything is that takes you out of your regular think-patterns, but it’s not always pleasant. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s frustrating,
sometimes it’s boring.
It’s not diverting – if anything it slams me up against the wall of, can I say, spiritual
Is this the kind of thing you wonder about women doing with their spare time?

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I think this is a GREAT question. I am a 27 year old, stay at home, married, mother of two and we live in a new area where everyone seems to be a bit older than I am and it is hard to make friends. I constantly try to find a hobby. I used to have a lot when I was younger but now I seem to have none… Lately I have started painting doors and different rooms in my house and I kind of enjoy it but I wouldnt consider that a hobby either, its more just something to do to pass time and make my house look nicer. Anyway, I enjoy posts like these because I can see other peoples hobbies and maybe try them.


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I have a Girl Scout Troop that I am happily organizing events for, I belong to a book club that gets together monthly and has a blast, geocaching and earthcaching, when my achilles isn’t swollen, and I love to collect sea shells, and small paintings/prints. I also have hobbies that I haven’t done in a while, like book making and paper marbling, but I hope to get back to them when I move and have more space.

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