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How do I correct my iPhone album art?

Asked by tirithalui (408points) June 8th, 2008 from iPhone

my iPhone has been fine and dandy for a long while now but after a recent sync a lot of artwork errors have come up. A lot of music is missing artwork that was there previously and some displays the wrong artwork. It is all correct on my computer though which confuses me… What can I do to set things right?

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I had something similar a while back with my iPod. What I was told to do is to erase everything off the iPod and resync making sure that option to transfer album art is ticked. Worked for me.

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Erase everything and syc up again, mine has done this too :/

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grrr I was afraid I’d have to do this… It’ll take ages! But oh well. Worth it I guess. The errors have been getting on my tits recently.

Cheers guys!

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ah, won’t take that long, it can charge while you’re doing it, so just do it over night

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What size ipod do you have? Is it full?

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its a nearly full 16gb iPhone.
Didnt take that long. Watched a DVD while it was doing its thing.

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