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What do you think of the deal just reached by our elected officials several minutes ago?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) December 31st, 2012

Here are the details. ( Could they have cut it any closer?)

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I’m glad a decision was made and taxes won’t go up for the middle class, of course, but I’m more concerned about spending cuts. I graduate from college in a year and am planning on going into probation/parole. State jobs seem to be the first cut.

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I don’t know enough about it yet to hate it “with good reason”, but I am not at all filled with optimism.

The only time we’re really safe in this country is when both houses of Congress are at war with each other, or either or both are at war with the Executive. When they agree, we generally lose, and the more agreement, the bigger the loss.

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I can hear the annoying and all too familiar sound of metal on macadam as the can gets kicked down the road. No deal yet on spending. No deal on the looming requirement to either raise the debt-ceiling limit or default on the nation’s debt. So you know that the tiny minority from the tea party will go right back into hostage taking mode and threaten to kill us all unless we let them kill us all.

Money is not magic. It obeys the natural law just as all other things do. But Republicans have themselves convinced money is magic. When Fedex places an order for 1000 new trucks, that creates jobs. When the Post Office orders the same 1000 trucks, that is waste and causes massive loss of jobs. Not true, but it’s an article of faith to US right wingers. And in matters of ideological faith, evidence is irrelevant. Truth is irrelevant. I don’t see the USA getting our economy truly back into full health till we purge congress of all the Money is Magic believers.

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I think it sucks!! This ‘deal’ will permanently etch the (wrongful) belief that $400,000.00 is considered middle class and unless a real change takes place, most all middle class workers will be paid much less while the four-hundred grand will never be reduced.. Because everybody seems to think saving ourselves from this ‘cliff’ no matter the sacrifice, for them I’m glad it’s been resolved.

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@chewhorse You’re right. Nothing seems more permanent than political “fixes” that are understood to be pure baloney, but are accepted because they are “just temporary.”

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I’m not entirely happy or unhappy with the deal. It isn’t perfect, that’s for sure, but we knew it wouldn’t be. It does piss me off that we’re going to be going through a similar situation in just months, though. It’s not like they haven’t had plenty of time to debate this stuff by now. Sigh.

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I’ll wait to see if it passes Congress.

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I am glad to see that a deal was worked out. It got overwhelming support from both parties in the Senate. That will put pressure on Republicans in the House. Both sides have something to grumble about, which means that it was probably as good a deal as could be expected. I give credit to Obama for demanding a compromise.

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Thanks to @Janbb, who did the research, here is today’s Borowtiz column, which puts things in perspective. Entitled, “Washington Celebrates Solving Totally Unnecessary Crisis They Created.”

Read more

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That is a bit cynical. The Republicans have been die hard obstructionists. Many of them took a pledge not to raise taxes. It took on a religious aura. I give credit to the President for standing his ground and making an appeal to the public.

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The House Republicans caved and enough joined Democrats to approve the Senate compromise. For now, we bounce back. We bungee corded over the fiscal cliff.

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But as you stated ETpro, it only plays in months.. not years and that’s the problem with our politicians.. Do as little as will pass for that job security. Who ever coined the phrase, “Career politician” needs to be grinded down into organic mulch. These people should be helping the country by doing their duty then when their term is up, go way and allow another advocate to contribute their time.. Making it a ‘career’.. Gaining in wealth while pretending to balance the budget and retiring at any age to reap an immediate pension that accumulates in relation to how many posts you’ve been elected to is hypocritical.. Small wonder they only kick the can just so far at any given time.. Thanks for you’re earlier reply.

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@chewhorse I completely agree.

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