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Is there anyone out there who does NOT like a massage?

Asked by rojo (24159points) January 4th, 2013

Just something I wondered about after reading another jellies’ answer. I did a search and there are questions about types and what you like but no one has just asked if you do not like it. So, are there some of us out there who absolutely dislike massages and if so why?

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Depends where, i’ll have no bugger touch my feet, or my neck…just irritates the hell out of me.

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I usually love them but have had a few brutish teutonic sadists over the years.

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Oh man, I loooooove a good massage! Just no touching of my hands or my feet. People who don’t like massages just seem weird to me.

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I have also had bad ones. Nowadays I am very careful who gives them to me, and I would say “Stop” if it hurt.

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I love me a good full body massage!

I had a massage chair massage at a Whole Foods one time that hurt the holy hell out of me for weeks. The woman tweaked something in my neck that radiated down my arm.

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My sister has had lower back surgery and doesn’t want anyone to jostle her lumbar spine and surrounding areas.

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should change the PM’s here to Private Massages…might be fun!

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Well, I am actually licensed. <gives everyone a soothing back massage>

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left a bit, down a bit…ahhhhhhhh!

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Hey, this is not that kind of massage!

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Whatever can you mean?

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I’m not too keen on being massaged.
I just don’t like the idea of anybody fondling my body..

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I love it – if performed by the right person with the expectation and anticipation of reciprocation.

My brain is hardwired to produce an arousal signal with that kind of stimulation.

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Oh man…..I love massage. I have a girl that comes to my house with her portable massage table and it is heaven!
Infact..I just tried a new hair salon yesterday and the stylist offered a dollar a minute head, neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage.
Bliss out!
A nice haircut and a 10 minute quickie massage for the bargain price of $35!

I LOVE you Lisa! :-D
Shit..I could hardly drive home I was so in Zen mode. haha

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Funny you should ask, I had $100 massage that I had a hard time giving away at Christmas, and I was shocked. None of my guy friends or my mom, nobody wanted it.

Personally I love scalp massage and feet massage, and the occasional full body, but the others are quicker and more relaxing to me.

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I think that, on average, men will like massage less than women. I think that for us, that kind of touch tends to be more sexual, and so turning off that sexual side causes problems and makes it difficult to relax. It’s just hard to be nude and to have your skin being touched and not think it’s intimate.

I know for me that massage often arouses me or gets close to arousing me, and there’s no way I want a man to be touching me that way.

Now, having said that, I have enjoyed a small number of massages in my life, and I am capable of just being touched and not having it feel intimate. But it is a bit of mental work making sure that happens, and if the masseuse is a woman who is attractive to me, you can forget about me being able to do that separation. The masseuse has to be someone I have no attraction to at all for me to be able to relax.

So, in theory, I like massage. It can help my muscles feel better and has done so. Although there are also problems with that. Sometimes my muscles just don’t relax, and I have had massages that leave me worse off—give me muscle spasms because they were too painful. I’ve also had massages that did nothing because they weren’t strong enough.

All in all, especially given the cost, it doesn’t really seem worth it. Finding someone who does it just right, and is someone I can trust and relax with is really hard. Frankly, I’d rather have sex. That generally relaxes me a lot more, and makes me feel good in a lot of other ways, as well.

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I think men should get pedicures too. I always love it when I see a man pampering himself.

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It (pedicures) doesn’t seem like pampering, really. It just seems kind of creepy. Women go for that. I think they are more relaxed about people touching them. For some reason, in American society, men don’t get to be touched.

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@burntbonez I think that is sad reasoning. Every-body loves attention.

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I’ve never really gotten a professional massage, but it doesn’t sound appealing…someone touching me and all.

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I love getting email massages.

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I love them, but my husband will not try one and neither will his closest friend (also a male). The thought of a massage doesn’t appeal to them. As others have mentioned, I think for many males, as they grow older, touch is mostly about sex. I think women are more used to touch being used as comfort (and being more natural) because we tend to spend more time with babies and children.

I do have a female co-worker who doesn’t like massages because she doesn’t like for people to touch her, especially her feet.

I find massages and facials allow me to relax in a way that I otherwise can’t. I don’t know that I really understood what a massage was about until I actually had one.

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I am a person who does not like a massage.

As I have said on here before, there are three things I have tried that are supposed to make you feel better and, in my case, they don’t.

1. A massage

2. Crying

3. Accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior

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I’d have to say that I definitely have the same experience as @Blondesjon on items 2 and 3. And while I believe that massage can make me feel better, in theory, and I have experienced some positive effects of massage, my inclination is to agree with him on number 1 as well.

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I love them, but my husband only loves them if they’re from me. I once wanted to go to a place that had a couple’s room for massage, where they had two tables and two massage therapists, and I thought it would be so great! He turned the idea down flat. Said he’d never let a stranger (male or female) give him a massage. <shrugs>

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I can appreciate a massage from my husband, but not from anyone else. I could never be comfortable enough having a stranger’s hands on me to get a professional massage.

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Yes. I’ve tried a few massages. The longer the experience lasts, the more my body tenses and stiffens. I really don’t enjoy having someone’s hands on me, poking, prodding, and kneading.

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I can’t say either way. Come this far without one that I just know if I started now it would wreck me. Having experienced what wrecked is like, I won’t take any chances.

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I’m lukewarm about them. I rather get a body treatment or facial, because a message can leave me in pain for more than a day because of my muscle problems. Honestly, it is all so expensive I rarely do any of it. I did Hot Springs baths a while back in Hot Springs, Arkansas and that was awesome. My skin has never been so soft! I found it very relaxing and the soft skin was not from being soaked in lotion, no greasy feeling, no need to shower off.

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I had one once, but found it embarrassing and too intimate to receive from a stranger.
Privately, with a lover, I enjoyed it very much, thank you.

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I love massages, but the person has to know what they are doing.
I’m very picky about how I want to be touched.

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I wish I didn’t like massages, then I wouldn’t miss them.

massages rock

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I love them, but my wife does not.

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I hate them. I’ve had 5 in my life and they have always hurt and I’ve felt awful after. This is after me asking them to be gentle and not use a ton of pressure. I’m done with them.

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I like them, but most people are not strong enough to give me the type that I prefer. My muscles require very strong hands, and I doubt that any professional massage therapist would be willing to use as much pressure as my body would require, lol. My feet are extremely sensitive though, so that is the one area on my body where I’d have to be in the mood for to have massaged.

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@Coloma No. Not everyone loves attention. In fact, I think you’d be surprised at the number of people who really don’t want much attention. Especially attention from strangers. And extra especially physical attention from strangers, even if you are paying them for it. Or perhaps because you are paying them to be intimate with you.

Hmmm. Men pay prostitutes. Women pay masseuses. When women do it, it’s legal. But the effect is similar. Both lead to relaxation. I wonder if men aren’t so fond of massage because really, they’d rather be having sex.

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