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In Gmail, my e-mail newsletters are cut off on the right margin. Is that the case for you?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) June 9th, 2008

Or how to fix?

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yes! that is the case for me too. i was too lazy to poke around and determine how i can change it but i am glad you asked the question! hopefully someone knows what the deal is.

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Nope, mine are fine on a Mac OS X. Must be a setting there somewhere.

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Oh yeah, I should say I’m on a PC, with Windows XP, using the latest version of Firefox.

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I’m running Firefox 3 RC2 on a PC with no problems, i don’t think. is there a particular newsletter that this happens with or all newsletters? Since the newsletters are most likely HTML emails, it could be the way in which the HTML is coded. If the layout has a fixed width and not a percentage, then I would think it might cut it off depending on screen size and resolution.

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