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What's a tasty non-salt seasoning for eggs?

Asked by Pachy (18567points) January 6th, 2013

I love eggs, especially hard-boiled, but I find them too bland without salt. I’m trying to reduce salt in my diet so am looking for ideas for non-salt alternatives OTHER THAN low-salt or salt substitute products, which I don’t like.

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I always add black pepper and za’atar‘atar to my eggs.

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I have become conscious about my salt intake. I use Tabasco sauce; the kind in the green bottle. It’s not as hot as the red, but adds a nice flavor. There’s salt in it, but I don’t use much.

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Mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise.

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I like Tabasco, black pepper and Sriracha (akd Rooster) sauce. Not together.

Deviled eggs have mustard. Maybe if you are a mustard fan, a little bit would be good. Hmmm, I’m going to try that, hard-boiled egg with a dab of Koop’s mustard.

This morning I sauteed some mini zucchinis with pepper and olive oil. I added spinach and tomatoes and finally scrambled in eggs. I used a little salt but it could easily be skipped.

Also, have you tried potassium chloride salt substitute? It’s probably available at your grocery store near the salt.

@zensky Za’atar looks good, I want to try that, thanks!

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Thyme or tarragon.
Freshly ground black pepper.
Red chili powder.
Sambar powder.

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Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute-which is good on everthing

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Frank’s Hot Sauce is good. Tabasco-like, but not as hot. It has a nice taste.

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Ground red pepper, fresh crushed garlic, fresh or frozen minced habanero.

The problem with Tabasco and Sriracha are they both contains salt.

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Coriander powder might be good too, but I’ve never tried it with eggs.

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Sherry peppers.
Worcestershire sauce
Any kind of hot pepper sauce

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My husband introduced me to sage for the eggs. It REALLY makes a difference. So good.

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For egg salad curry powder.

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My significant other loves making eggs in a basket with pepper and oregano. Used to use salt, but it definitely doesn’t need it at all. It’s a quick breakfast, too.

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What are eggs in a basket @muppetish? It just sounds good! All Easterish or something!

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@Dutchess_III It’s basically pan-toasted bread with an egg inside it :P Butter the pan, cut a hole in a slice of bread and place on the pan, crack the egg into the hole. Season, flip (may require more butter on the pan for even toastage), and make sure to toast the leftover hole.

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Oh yeah! I do that! It is soooo good! I’ve always called it “toasted egg.” And I put a slice of cheese on it after I flip it. Oh, and I use the lid of an onion or garlic seasoning thing to cut the hole in the bread.

“Toast the leftover hole” just didn’t sound right….for some reason. :) ...I just give my leftover holes to the dogs!

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I grew up with that called “egg in the nest.” My mother toasted and then excavated the bread and dropped a 4“30 soft-balled egg in the crater.

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The juice in canned peeled tomatoes, specially after you have heated it up on the grill a little.

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Thanks everybody for your great answers. I’m resolving for this year to try each one.

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Chilli sauce is good, or even fresh cut. Cayenne Pepper.

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@muppetish , @gailcalled & @Dutchess_III, I’ve heard that called a “toad in a hole.” Much more delicious than it sounds! :-p

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Chives are really good in egg dishes.

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@bookish1 No, no! Toad in a hole is sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding batter. I’m not saying people haven’t called the egg and toast by that name, but Toad in a Hole is a definite dish in itself.

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Onions, garlic, parsley,onion flakes and pepper.

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Chopped garlic cooked with the eggs. Tasty, healthy, and it keeps away vampires.

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and dates.

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We have recently started using dulse flakes instead of salt.

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@Seek_Kolinahr : That’s intriguing! Red algae, huh? I’ve never heard of this. Where do you buy it? Does it taste fishy at all?

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It’s salty-tasting and ocean-y, but not fishy. I happen to like seaweed, so I could eat it alone, but when you add it to food, it acts just like salt. I put it in chicken fricasee over the weekend and the hubs didn’t even notice the difference. That’s how I finally got him started on using it. ^_^ Someone gave me a big bag of it, but you can get it at health-food stores and Amazon and stuff like that.

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I love herbs de provence. This works well if you don’t want something to strong or spicy like pepper or paprika.

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A wee bit of lemon juice with dried oregeno. Or find a no-salt version of Lemon Pepper. Most every day grocery store versions of lemon pepper have salt in them, so check around for one that does not.

I recently discovered something new to me, it is a Middle Eastern condiment mix (which you can change up however you like) that is normally served mixed with olive oil and then scooped up with bread, but it would be marvelous with a hard boiled egg. It is called Dukkah and it’s basically ground nuts and seeds and dried herbs. I even saw some prepared dukkah at Trader Joe’s this week in their new foods section. But it’s super easy to make your own, to your own preferences.

Here is another recipe for dukkah.

If you’re making egg salad, instead of using mustard and mayo, try making your own pesto, but make sure you choose a recipe without the parmesan or romano cheese, which are quite salty. Here’s one for Basil Pesto and here’s one for Cilantro Mint Pesto just leave out the salt (as you see you can also put it on spaghetti).

For egg salad or deviled eggs, you can also mix in a bit of mashed avocado and lime juice and cilantro or chives. Or you can put in a tiny pinch of curry powder and either mayo (vegan or regular) or even some non-fat plain yogurt.

On fried or scrambled eggs, add salsa fresca, or tobasco sauce or Chipotle Salsa, and diced avocado and a spoonful of plain, non-fat yogurt.

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