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Is it lame to not have any hobbies?

Asked by spykenij (1827points) January 6th, 2013

I look around and everyone seems to have one, but I really don’t. I have interests, but nothing I want to do in most of my freetime. I don’t care too much for reading, so that’s out. I make dangley earrings every once in a while and I make good money doing it, but it’s not something I want to do with all my spare time. What other things could I try besides the norms? Does anyone have a really different hobby and if so, what is it?

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Not sure how different my hobbies are but I love them. Oddly I felt the same way as you do now, before. I felt I had none. Suddenly I just became interested in certain things. I do 3D Developing (I make hair and clothes for avatars in games or virtual chat systems). I study essential oils. I love photo editing and photography. I also enjoy cooking and learning about different spices and herbs, which I buy freshly ground or cut.

I adore poetry although I have never learned how to write it. I still do, and I have no idea if its any good. I collect music, my favorites are wide and vast, but include Chill Lounge, Trance and classics.

I study massage, and different types of massage, as well as the oils used for it. I enjoy make up artistry, home decoration, I used to do decoupage. I like picture framing, and also web design. Gosh I do have a lot!! I also on occasion enjoy short story writing, and submitted short articles for money via the net.

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I think that if you look at the things @Shippy is talking about, hobbies are things she is interested in , anyway. They have something to do with her life. Things she naturally likes.

That makes sense to me. I don’t actually have any hobbies, but I do a lot of things. I make music. I do some dancing. But to me, those are things that are necessary to life. A hobby is something that just kind of fills time in a creative and fun way. I guess you could say music and dance fit that description, but they don’t seem that inconsequential to me.

I guess I don’t really know what a hobby is.

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Agree with the two comments above. A Hobby is simply An Interest + some degree of obsession. Pursue the things you enjoy and don’t worry about labeling them.

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I don’t think it’s “lame” to not have any particular hobbies, but I’m sure other people might think it is lame. If you’re happy with your life and there are things you find pleasure in, what does it matter if you have official hobbies or not?

I am so busy with grad school that it feels like my “hobbies” are Fluthering on writing breaks, going to a concert once or twice a semester, cooking, lifting weights, and drinking with friends. If I try to do my old ‘hobbies’ like playing video games or playing guitar, I get anxious about how my time would be better spent either doing work or sleeping so I can do more work!!

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Not unless it’s the hobby horse that’s lame.

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I don’t think there is anything “lame” about not having hobbies, but I would say that the more interests one has the more well rounded, diverse and interesting it makes them.
I happen to be an insatiable creative and curious type and would go nuts without stimulating past times.

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How do you spend the time you are not working at a job? Do you just sit and twiddle your thumbs? Hobbies come in many guises. You may not recognize what you do as being a hobby.

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I think so, yes. I suggest cooking or photography. Or Krav Maga

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I don’t think it’s lame not to have any hobbies, but I do think it could add some enjoyment to your life. If you have a little spare cash you could try card collecting. I collect (but I don’t play) Magic the Gathering. I build complete sets and sell the ones I don’t need online. I don’t really make a profit, but it’s still fun for me.

May I also suggest animal abuse as an enjoyable and amusing hobby. lol

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal LOL
Yeah, putting tape on cats feet is fun and so is chasing chickens with remote controlled cars and squirting sheep with my aquazooka squirt guns from my hot tub and making the horses s-t-r-e-t-c-h their lips as far as possible to get the carrot. lol
Things country girls do for amusement.
Disclaimer: Nothing evil, I’m an animal lover to the 10th power. Just mildly annoying ;-)

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I guess I do some things that are considered hobbies, like I collect old and foreign coins. I like looking at my collection of semi-precious gems. Collections just are and there isn’t much I can do with them to take up my time. As far as what I do now, I like to get online or hang out with friends, but I find myself sad lately when I just sit and watch TV or something. I miss my ex like crazy and I’m trying to find something else to distract me. The dangley earrings thing is good, but I get bored with it sometimes or don’t feel like it.

@Coloma – I wish I had chickens to chase and shit to squirt water at. I love horses, but I live in Columbus, Ohio and it’s a bit far to get to them and too expensive to rent one to ride for a while. Really wish I had more access to horses. Hmm…

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I think it’s pretty ‘lame’ to not be self-sufficient, and I notice that many people without hobbies aren’t.

I have some friends who, as soon as we get a break from school, they’re complaining that they’re bored. To me it’s kind of pathetic that some people would not be able to entertain themselves for a few days. It seems like they rely on the company of others for their happiness, and I think that’s a kind of crummy way to live because other people aren’t always reliable.

Maybe a little bit of an overdramatic conclusion since we’re just talking about hobbies, but it’s how I feel.

Personally I have a shit ton of hobbies and it’s awesome. I’ve been home for a month and enjoyed every minute of it because I’ve been creating.

I also make jewelry! If you like that, maybe you could get into fusing glass. You can buy a small kiln that goes in your microwave for about $100. The company is Fuseworks. It comes with everything you’ll need, including a bit of starter glass. You design a piece by combining different bits of glass, then stick it in the kiln, stick the kiln in your microwave, and melt it all together. Takes some practice to learn how to finesse it, they can break during heating if you do it wrong.

Or, try necklaces instead of earrings! I feel like they are more versatile, there are so many things you can make that can be worn around a neck.

“Different” hobbies is my middle name. I also do this thing called needlefelting. You buy wool in different colors (it’s cheap for me because my mom is a seller of such wool and she lets me raid her stash), you get these special needles that have barbs on them, and basically you stab the wool repeatedly until it starts to get felted (hard). You can create literally anything. I have wrist warmers that I made for myself, you can make cell phone cases, socks, gloves, or things just for decoration, like I felted a little bird figurine yesterday.

Wood carving is another one. Relatively cheap, just get yourself a knife or two and some wood, I’d recommend bass wood for starters, and start hacking away. I’m not sure I have the muscle for it, honestly. I’ve started using a dremel tool instead of a hand-held knife.

You like to draw? Ever thought about digital art? Get yourself a tablet, definitely a Wacom brand, I think their cheapest/most beginner friendly one is about $100. It allows you to control your mouse cursor using a pen so that you can draw naturally on your computer. If you have a program like Photoshop, get to it. If not, you can download GIMP or Pixlr for free.

How about bird watching! Birds are everywhere! Put out some bird seed, sit in front of your window with a bird book, and have fun trying to identify everyone who comes to visit you.

There’s more where that came from, haha. I frickin love hobbies.

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I did used to bird watch when I had a patio and I really enjoyed it as well as planting things and taking care of them. Unfortunately, right now I’m starting over, living in an apartment in the ghetto, so I have no where to put bird seed. I’m starting over because I was extremely sick for 5+ yrs and waiting to die because no one could figure it out. Thankfully, The Cleveland Clinic did. Anyhoo, wood carving sounds up my alley. I liked working with clay in grade school too. Good idears! Thanks everyone! :)

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Well…uhm…sorry, I thought the question was about “boobies”. Lol.

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@Mariah Wish you would post the link on some of your artworks. Saw them before and they were all great. Now, that glass fusion thing in the microwave sounds very interesting. : )

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I think it’s fine also, in case you care, using words like ‘lame’ or ‘retarded’ upset people actually diagnosed with those as ‘disorders.’

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It can be a long-term risk.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – I wasn’t aware lame was included in any medical diagnosis. Thank you for putting that out there.

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@Coloma Yes there is nothing more entertaining than annoying an animal to the 10th power. lol I have a chihuahua and I love nothing more than to make him make this face. LOL

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