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Has your local library ever been involved in a scandal?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 6th, 2013

For example has your local library ever smelled like weed?

If so details please!

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What’s a library?

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Weed isn’t a scandal – weed is pretty normal.

The major scandal that I can remember took place at the Atlanta Public Library in around 2001–2002. The library board and the library director decided that there were “too many old white women” who worked at the Main Library downtown, and came up with a scheme to move the old white women out to some of the other branches, and move a number of black men and women into the white womens’ old jobs.

The women sued the Fulton County, and won something like $20 million in damages. The Library Director was fired for her stupidity, and the County pretty much emasculated the board for doing something so colossally dumb.

Now THAT was a good scandal.

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This old guy farted one time & blew the pages of this book open, Gone With the Wind I believe it was.
You could say he’d turned over a new leaf, but only if you felt like it.

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There was quite a scandal several years back, when the Library was used to hold meetings for NAMBLA, which is the North American Man Boy Love Association. Many groups tried to prevent them from holding their meetings in public buildings.
I have no idea how that turned out.

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I work at my college’s library, and we’ve had plenty of weird things happen, but not scandals..

About two weeks ago a guy dressed like a creepy clown ran into the building, up the stairs into the stacks and started laughing at people. Our staff tried to find him to kick him out, but he kept running away from us until he left the building.

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