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For those of you who have an Ipad4 what kind of case do you have?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) January 7th, 2013

I am happy with my laptop but my husband has a tablet. He decided I should have one too.
Now I have to learn about tablets.

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As far as I know the Ipad 4 does not exist yet.
The Ipads are:

Apple Ipad
Apple Ipad 2
Apple: The new Ipad
and Apple Ipad mini

But for my Ipad 2 I got one of those cheap faux leather cases with a magnetic lock thingy that automaticly turns off the screen when I close it.

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It does exist. I am not an apple fan but I returned the Kindle HD Firer it was horrible. My husband loves his Nynex7 but the screen is small. He knows I prefer a larger screen and large writing.

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