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From where and with what are you posting?

Asked by Brian1946 (23295points) January 8th, 2013

Are you posting from home, school, a train, boat, etc?
I think Espiritus_Corvus has posted or is posting from a boat in the Carribean.

Are you using a desktop, laptop, an iPhone, or an implanted device? ;-)

I’m currently posting from a jury assembly room in Van Nuys, CA on a super-cheapo desktop, using an IE browser: it doesn’t even have copy & paste.

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Home, laptop, somewhere in the middle east.

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My bed on a laptop. Sometimes I’ll check Fluther on my iPod when I’m out at a cafe, but I rarely post long answers or questions on there.
This summer, I did much Fluthering from my iPod in a public park in the 20th of Paris….sighs

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Are you back in the US now and have you ever seen Jim Morrison’s grave?

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My office at work at a law firm in Nashville, TN using my desktop computer.

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Thanks for including your state and city. I’m usually interested in a person’s geographic location, but sometimes I’m hesitant to ask.

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Home, desktop, and hanging out here in order to avoid the litter box and the clutter on my other desk. Rural central eastern NYC.

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@Brian1946 : Yes, and yes. Not this time though. I did, however, make a pilgrimage to Oscar Wilde’s grave in the same cemetery. It was a stone’s throw away from where I was working this summer. :)

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Home, in Alexandria VA.

Desktop computer. I simply can’t get a feel for laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. I’m too accustomed to a conventional keyboard.

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Desktop computer. I agree with @PaulSadieMartin , I can’t a feel for laptop computers, or tablets, or smartphones. As for my geographical location, I live in between Dallas & Fort Worth (Texas) in a little town called Venus.

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From a laptop in my kitchen, on a farm in the Midwest. I’m also doing dishes, laundry and watching Top Chef. I’m a successful multitasker.

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@jonsblond Can we trade places?

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@diavolobella hells no. sorry. :)

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@jonsblond Are you a Domestic Goddess? I am. :-)

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Aw, c’mon. You get to listen to cool, not-yet-released music and meet famous people. Although perhaps the fact that those things are no deterrent to me wanting to switch places with you is undercutting my offer….

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NYC, school, sociology lounge, from a desktop computer.

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@PaulSadieMartin I like that description, but I should correct my answer. I can’t really say successful because I get easily distracted. Sometimes my answers don’t make sense.

@diavolobella Maybe for one day. You won’t mind sweeping the floor three times a day, would you? My two dogs shed like crazy.

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Mercy Hospital

Baltimore MD.
iPod Touch

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Work on lunch hour, old ass desktop, in Springfield, MO, USA.

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@jonsblond I would probably like that. I’m a housekeeping neat freak who misses being a stay at home mom more than anything

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I’m operating a big ass military plane at the moment, flying over the Pacific, en route to Chicago where I will bury my dead wife. Her corpse is in the plane. This is 0.57 hours, at the time of this report.

Actually I’m just in my bedroom, posting from my PC. I woke up 1.30 hours ago. Plus I don’t have a wife.

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In my lair on my laptop while doing school work in a mosquito ridden swampland.

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I am posting from sweaty humid Africa. As I write I am being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes, a few fleas and no idea what that strange insect was. The most delightful part is my computer just turns itself off. So I have to type really fast. No pondering a question for me.

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In a well. Timmy fell in, and Lassie told me to save him.

iPad tablet. As soon as I’m done reading and typing, I’ll get Timmy out of the well.

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I’m soaring high in the clouds in a hot air balloon somewhere over nebraska, typing away on a tablet I just stole from the natives down below.
Oh look, there’s some of them now waving me off…hang on, they’re not waving & some of them have guns!!! I may be offline for a while, “no, please don’t shoot, I have kids & look…lots & lots of money!! ”

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I’m operating a big ass military plane at the moment, flying over the Pacific, en route to Chicago where I will bury my dead wife. Her corpse is in the plane. This is 0.57 hours, at the time of this report.

Lol- great inside joke for ex-baggers. ;-)

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On my desktop Mac in my office. Cold office.

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Always from home on my desktop, occasionally a netbook. I find the fluther website difficult to navigate on a phone.

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[mod note]: Moving this to Meta as it’s about Fluther specifically.

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In bed, at home, on my laptop, in Australia.

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I’m at home in Hawai`i using my desk top computer. I, too, prefer the feel of a larger keyboard. I own laptops but rarely use them.

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My desk and my desktop computer.

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My laptop on a library table under my front window with a view of oak trees on a hill across from my patio. I can see my blue spruce tree, my crazy tassled out Myscanthus grasses, a large bamboo and my cat sitting on the deck rail staring at me.

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A really boring answer: My bed, my laptop, in the midwest. Often I get on Fluther on my iPod Touch.
I’m perfecting the art of procrastination… I need to write a paper. It’ll probably get done around 11:30 tonight (it’s due at midnight)
@Coloma‘s description of her surroundings sounds wonderful.

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Laptop on a table beside my recliner, in front of the TV, not currently in use, about 30 miles north of the Capitol of California.

The plink, plink, plink of a leaky water faucet is driving me nuts and I’m too sick to go turn it off.

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Laptop, wireless, living room, in the Olde South.

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Northern New Jersey, USA. On couch, from iPhone, watching Mr. Show. I usually Fluther while doing other things.

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@wildpotato: I just got into Mr. Show in a serious way this past fall ^_^

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home office, PC, Pacific North Wet

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Couch, living room, apartment, Mexico City, iPad.

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Oops missed the location. Sierra Nevada foothills, in Coloma Ca. :-)

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@Linda_Owl Haha…I actually live in “Lotus” but the border between Lotus & Coloma is blurry.
Hey…we can be “Venus & Lotus .”

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in the bed on an iPad

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From my bed, Auckland, NZ, using voice activation on a desktop computer set up on an over-bed table.

For those who commented that they can’t get used to a laptop computer, when I had the use of my hands I used a laptop and plugged a keyboard into it, sitting at a desk I used to sit the laptop further back on the table on top of an old, very large dictionary, it raised the level of the screen. I used to be away most weekends and took the laptop and keyboard with me.

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Home office desk, in West Virginia, on my desktop PC.

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Downtown Tampa, at work, on a desktop, watching Battlestar Galactica and eating eggrolls, contemplating doing some actual work.

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Currently at work on a Winders 7 PC.
Sometimes at home on either the Windows 8 PC, the Mini, or Linux.
Occasionally from the Starbucks on the laptop.
All around or in Austin, TX.

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Currently at work (15 mins before 5pm AKA hometime!) in the south-west of England and I am on a bog standard desktop.

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From my cave on a stone tablet.

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In bed again! On laptop. Still in Australia and thankfully no bush fires close by. I love being on my holidays!

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@Bellatrix Happy holiday! Back at my window watching things blow around waiting on a little storm.

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Gilligan’s Island.

Coconut phone.

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I typically Fluther from my desktop pc, in my home, very close to Dallas, TX.

I occasionally Fluther from my iPad, either on my patio or in my bed.

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The East Coast, in my family room at home, from my laptop. I rarely answer from anything other than my laptop these days. Currently I’m simultaneously Fluthering and watching Shrek. Multitasking is my calling. :-)

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From Hogwarts with my wand.

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Conference room, Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Blackberry.

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At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot north of Havana (here)

Is Lola there @bob_ ?

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Lola lo lo lo lo lo lo laaaaaa.

bob_'s avatar

What Lola? I do n’t know, I’m fucking drunk.

bob_'s avatar

Also, we’re actuually sputh of fucking Havana.

bob_'s avatar


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She was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha
And while she tried to be a star, Tony always tended bar
Across a crowded floor, they worked from 8 till 4.

I’m guessing she isn’t there? Make us a sanger @bob_.

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No she’snit. That whore.

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Actually it didn’t go well for Lola. She might be the older lady at the bar.

But that was 30 years ago, when they used to have a show
Now it’s a disco, but not for Lola
Still in the dress she used to wear, faded feathers in her hair
She sits there so refined, and drinks herself half-blind
She lost her youth and she lost her Tony
Now she’s lost her mind!

What you drinking @bob_?

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Yay, Bob is Flunkering! Pass it around, Buddy.

bob_'s avatar

Man, waking up for my 8 am meeting was no funsies.

I guess it could be worse, in light of what happened to Lola and all.

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@bob_ How’s your spine this morning Bob?
Did Lola crush you a bit?

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@bob_ flunk’d himself.

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