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Does anyone else love the phrase ' . . . is crafting a response'?

Asked by SomeoneElse (2698points) January 9th, 2013

I always picture people carving/sticking sequins on/painting a fantastic-looking response, usually with their tongue just sticking out of the corner of their mouth.
Which craft would you like to use – I would like to add a touch of stained glass window art to my response as I love the blue bits!

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I do. I love it. Actually what I have pictured, for whatever reason, is the Grinch crouched over a computer, with an arched eyebrow, typing away.

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@chyna You’ve been peeping in my windows again, haven’t you…

I have also pictured people “crafting” something. Usually my imagination runs wild with buttons, ribbons, and hot glue.

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Yes I do.

Also one of the IM’s has a is typing which is live – very useful.

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@zensky it’s useful unless you don’t ever get the message. Then you know they are two-timing you and double dipping by messaging with someone else. :-)

I like the ‘crafting a response’ too. I like a bit of decoupage around mine with images that reflect the content of the post.

The Blondes are crafting together right now…. wonder what they will create?

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@Bellatrix Obviously a joint effort of exquisite artiness and smartness and all that. No tarnished sequins for them.

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Nods @SomeoneElse. I have no doubt it will be a masterpiece. I can hear the clink of little hammers as they beat the metal into shape.

Oh now @chyna is crafting too!

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@Bellatrix Do you imagine the Blondes sitting in the same room with their separate laptops, crafting responses or are they in different parts of their home crafting their clever replies?

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Muffle it people! You’ll frighten them away…..patience, patience….

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Well I had a fleeting vision of an accidental leaning on the keyboard with no crafting that we are ever likely to see going on @chyna. That’s probably just my dirty mind though :D We should time them… No. Maybe not. Bad fingers.

Sorry @janedelila.

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@chyna I’ll leave it to your imagination. We were going to try to leave …is crafting a response up all night but our kitty likes to sit on the keyboard if we leave the laptops open at night. I don’t trust what kitty might leave as a response. :)

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I have had several Jellies post comments about me, regarding what on earth I must be doing during those “crafting a response” moments, to take so long to answer. Usually it has to do with food questions, so they know, oh they know exactly what I’m doing LOL.

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When I see that, it means my screen is going to be bouncing all over hell and gone while I try to do crafts. This makes it crazy on the hot glue gun aim.

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Well, crafting is hardly a word anyone would apply to my responses. Mine are kind of like peeing my name in the snow.

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It is brilliant. Fluther promotes the correct command of the English language!

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I like when it says I’m carving a response.

It happens!

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It’s genuinely my fave thing about fluther, as i’ve mentioned before…especially the little, well let’s just call it a crayon.

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For some people it says Crapping a response.

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I usually knit my responses, my crocheting sucks.

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I dunno, just seems an uppity way to say “will reply”, but guess it depends on the context.

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Actually this is a feature I personally don’t care for on here, but yet I wouldn’t vote to get rid of it. It makes me feel like I’m being watched, lol.

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@Paradox25 But, you are being watched. <snaps picture>

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I’m stalking j00

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It makes me think that someone is carefully composing their answer, fine tuning it and polishing it until it’s nice and shiny.

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^^ Then there’s other Jellies polishing other things to make them shiny, yuk yuk. And that’s happening while they’re crafting their answers X P

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Like shining silverware, @Kardamom?

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