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What do you think Godzilla tastes like?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) January 9th, 2013

Aside from chicken. And assuming he gets hunted and killed, what would be the best recipe for cooking this behemoth? And what would you call this dish?

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I would think he tastes a lot like iguana, which properly spiced and cooked is great.

See the wiki

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There might be more value in grinding up the horns and snorting them.

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@woodcutter you could do both, eating the meat does not make it impossible to grind the horns.

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First thing that came to mind.

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Tastes like niwatori… Japanese for chicken.

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Ok, you got away with that one….tandoori next-? : )

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Ask one of the men who bit him. ~

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For some reason I just can’t think of an answer to this.


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My guess would be Alligator.

But I can’t imagine ever wanting to really know. I can forego the pleasure and continue to live in suspense :)

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Maybe he tastes like a giant purse. One with mothraballs in it.

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@Symbeline not even Chuck Norris?

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Like smoked salmon and Pesto sauce!!!!!

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Justin Bieber, Godzilla and Chuck Norris were standing on top of the Empire State Building to see which one of them had the longest penis. Justin ran away because he doesn’t have one. Godzilla’s penis hung down twelve stories. Chuck Norris was swaying his hips from side to side…Godzilla asks, why are you moving your hips that way?

To which Chuck replies…I’m dodging traffic.

I apologize if this isn’t funny, but I found this joke on Yahoo Answers.

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@Symbeline And that raises the question, which one’s wiener did you taste? Apparently not Godzilla’s.

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It was reported that Chuck Norris had given millions of dollars to AIDS research. After a thorough investigation, the reports were found to be false because Chuck had actually said, “I’ve given millions AIDS.”

Chuck Norris once ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills and merely blinked because the gay porn he was watching was too exciting to sleep through.

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I’d imagine he tastes beastly, absolutely shocking aftertaste.

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@ragingloli ’‘Chuck Norris was originally slated to appear on the first Street Fighter video game until the producers of the game noticed that every button pressed resulted in a roundhouse kick to the face. When asked about the glitch, Chuck Norris replied, ’‘What glitch?’’

And they said Van Damme wasn’t going anywhere in life because ’‘he was always holding back’’. XD

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I saw this same question posted on a Godzilla social networking site, curious about people’s taste, of course. What do you think people would taste like to the big G?

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Definitely, gummy bears. : )

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