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Green flickering snow on HDTV? (more details inside)

Asked by Berserker (33459points) January 10th, 2013

Here’s two things that keep happening with my TV. Sometimes I get white flickery dots. It comes and goes. Sometimes I get ’‘green snow’’ which goes haywire. Streaks of snow, sometimes the entire screen. No sounds accompany this visual defect. This usually happens when I first turn on the TV and play games. The flickerings come on and off, they usually last for a few seconds. This can happen for 20 minutes to an hour. Eventually it stops. Except in the last days it’s been getting worse, lasting longer and now I mostly get the green flickering snow.
It should also be noted that this happens on some days, and some days it doesn’t happen at all.

I use this TV with my PlayStation 3 which is almost two years old, and a cheap HDMI cable I bought for 12 bucks. The TV and cable are from this Summer. (I heard buying a more expensive cable can help, although it won’t affect the quality of the picture, which I asked about here before…man, a lot of problems with this new TV. But maybe if I get another, the flickerings will stop)

Most of my online research about this keeps going back to the HDMI cable. The symptoms I’m describing are very similar to a lot of problems including PS3’s and HDMI cables. Nothing about my TV brand. I thought at first it was the power cord, because while messing with it, the green flickers went nuts; but the same happened while messing with the HDMI cable. Hell it even happened by wiggling my speakers around, although besides that, the snow needs no help at all to happen. (by messing, I mean just jiggling wires around.) And even while messing with cables and stuff, it doesn’t always happen. The snow/flicker seems so random.

I also heard of this problem and people fixing it by reducing their video output down from 1080p to 720p. My TV manual also mentions interferences in trouble shooting. (but it doesn’t describe my particular symptoms, nor does it say interference from what.)

This problem can occur when I’m not playing anything, but mostly it happens while playing games with good graphics. (Silent Hill, BioShock, Demon’s Soul)
It barely happens with games that aren’t all that pretty, and never while watching movies.

My roomie and I exchanged HDMI cables tonight, and now my TV isn’t doing the flickerings. Perfect the whole time. (however, as I note, they usually go away after a while, I’ll really know tomorrow when I turn it on, or an hour from now or so, maybe) Her TV hasn’t messed up like mine, but she experienced white flashes and the screen jumped a few times, which never happened with her TV before. (her TV is also superior to mine, which might mean that if my wire is faulty, her TV ’‘interprets’’ it differently, for lack of better wording)

So I thought that by switching wires I could make sure if it was the wire or not…but I’m still not sure. With all the details I provided here, does anyone at all know what’s wrong? :(

I also heard the board on my TV might be going to the crapper, or so indicated TV malfunctioning symptoms which sound as similar to mine as I was able to find online, but I’m really hoping it’s just the cable…help?

I’m doing my own online research right now, but any help would really be appreciated.

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Cable would be my guess. It is also the cheapest fix.

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I would also guess the cable. I think I was one of the jellies who answered your old thread with info about how HDMI cables are all basically the same and the expensive ones are a ripoff. That’s still true as far as I know. However, they all seem to wear out kind of quickly – I’ve had to swap mine out twice since I got my TV two years ago. I chose different brand name cables but still cheap-os, and they work exactly as well as the old ones did. I expect they’ll develop problems eventually.

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I’ll buy another cable today, and see if that’s the problem. Which I certainly hope…it’s just weird that it didn’t do the same thing on my roomie’s TV. But the problem DOES seem to go away after either the TV, PS3 or cable has warmed up. :/

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Dude! Two days with a new cable, and no flickers at all! :D

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My guess the cable…

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Good troubleshooting approach: “My roomie and I exchanged HDMI cables tonight, and now my TV isn’t doing the flickerings”
Glad that worked out !

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