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How should I go about replacing my stolen spare tire, wheel & wheel cover?

Asked by serenade (3784points) January 11th, 2013

I’ll have about $800 to play with, and I’m looking for ideas ranging from the cheapest solutions to OEMish replacement with a way to secure everything so it’s not stolen again. It’s for a 2005 RAV4, and the spare wheel and tire have to be the same size as the other wheels and tires on account of the 4WD.

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The cheapest would be a local junkyard for they will many times get cars which may have been totaled in an accident but various spare parts are left totally intact.

As for preventing future theft, you should consider a very sensitive very loud car alarm which would go off the moment someone touches your car.

If it were me, I would put the majority of the money into the alarm system otherwise you’re just risking a repeat of the same.

Since it’s a spare tire, an undamaged junkyard version should get the job done.

At least that’s what I would do, but I’m a thrifty type (and some might even say cheapskate :)

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The spare tire won’t have to be (and usually wouldn’t be) a match for the other three main tires. That is, it doesn’t have to be the same quality (or even the same size, necessarily), doesn’t need to be the same material (say if you have magnesium wheels all around), and won’t need a wheel cover at all.

It will need to be the same outside diameter of the wheel being replaced, but if you look at the “donut” replacement / spare tires provided with many cars these days, they’re much thinner and lighter than the wheels being replaced. That’s because it’s just a temporary spare. You wear it on the car (if you’re doing it right) only until you can get the main tire repaired or replaced if necessary (on its original wheel).

The wheel cover from the flat can go on the spare when it’s mounted, provided it will fit. If it won’t, then you have that much more incentive to get the regular wheel fixed sooner and remounted.

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Key lock on spare tire mount and a trip to the breaker or salvage yard for replacement tire and rim. “Faux tire” will not work with 4WD.

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I would say go with the cheap donut tire. Yes you will need to replace it immediately.

I had an allwheel drive and when one of my tires was slashed switched to my spare. I got an estimate and they gave me the option of grinding my spare down to match the specifications or replace at least two of the tires.

There was some debate whether it needed to be all four. I had the money but not the time. I lived out of town and worked during business days and my car insurance didn’t cover rentals.

A month or two later I had to have the whole front axle replaced and a few other things.

If a spare tire a can get stolen or b gives you a false peace of mind when you need to use it just sock the extra cash away for a rainy day.

I think I was able to get a full set of new blizzaks, the brand I have come to prefer and trust, mounted and balanced for my car for around 600 to 700 of course I had rims.

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Thanks all. A shop we use for work found me a used wheel and tire for $65 total. Super bargain.

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