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Why did bra burning not last as long as the silly saggy pant fad?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) January 12th, 2013

Why did bra burning and going Au natural not last as long as the stupid saggy pants thingy (cannot bring myself to dignify it by calling it fashion)? I think women burning the bra and going natural was one of the truly independent thing women has done for themselves, but why did they not keep it up? Why did they eventually cow down to society and cumber themselves back again in the Spandex/Lycra chest harness contraptions?

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bra burning did not have enough support

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Because bras are comfortable. Try growing a pair and then jumping, or just moving quickly. Not fun.

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Because bras actually serve a purpose. It is extremely uncomfortable to run, jog, walk at a fast pace, or go up and down stairs without a bra.

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Started in the wrong phase of the moon.

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Because bras are comfortable. Try growing a pair and then jumping, or just moving quickly. I have heard complaints from a lot of women about how uncomfortable they are. If a woman is 32 A cup how can moving quickly be more disastrous than a man with ”moobs”?

@chyna It is extremely uncomfortable to run, jog, walk at a fast pace, or go up and down stairs without a bra. If a woman is 32–36 B cup or smaller or C cup but firm enough to fail the pencil test I can’t see where the discomfort will come from. Stairs, how many people actually take the stairs? I bet most bra wearing women are on the elevator.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Obviously you don’t have boobs so you have no idea what you are talking about.

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Amen @wildpotato and @chyna. I can’t go down the stairs in my house bra-less without having to support my chest with my hands so they don’t bounce and hurt.

I’m young and I’ve got fairly small breasts (not flat chested by any means) and even I can’t go without a bra without pain. Plus, they look better in a bra. I don’t have sagging yet, but they don’t look as perky or flattering when I go without a bra. And with dress clothes? Forget about it. Is it cold in here, or is it just me?

As for the pants: I think most people find this stupid these days. The guys that do it are a minority. I remember when it was a big deal and almost all young guys did it. Not so much anymore.

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Um, don’t most people take stairs? What?

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@Hypocrisy_Central I believe you mean “moobs”. I don’t know people still used that term.

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@livelaughlove21 I think most people find this stupid these days. Then why won’t it go away. Around here guys old enough to know better still do it, and even younger women are getting in on it. It is enough to make you loose your lunch. That really has no purpose or function.

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I hate to say “because most women are smarter than young men”, but… everyone is smarter than young men, so it’s not such an awful thing to admit.

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@livelaughlove21 Yes, thanks for pointing that out.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I use size 32A. Trust me, it hurts to move around without a bra unless you are much smaller than me. And I object to language that identifies a woman with her bra size, such as “If a woman is 32A.” We use bras, we are not to be defined by them. That was the whole point of bra burning. I really should start referring to certain dudes I know as “The 4-and-a-half-incher” & “The size 40 waist.”

You’re right that some bras can be poky or too hot or not bendy enough or whatever, but that’s really like any other article of clothing. It’s a matter of finding a type that is personally comfortable. So perhaps I used the term “comfort” a bit too loosely, in this context. But in terms of comfort as in ability to function in life, bras are pretty much essential.

Also, I hate elevators and take stairs all the time. I fear being trapped in small spaces with strangers, and there’s been kind of a spate of elevators getting stuck this past year in NYC. Escalators suck too, I can move way faster up the stairs.

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I just realized I can give you evidence! See the details in this old question of mine.

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If your bra is uncomfortable, you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Most women wear a smaller bra than they should, which causes the digging and poking and strap indentions.

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If you have big boobs, a bra is inevitably going to be uncomfortable no matter what size or type you get. It just comes with the territory. But I can tell you that it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as it is going about life and trying to perform your daily activities bra-less. They get in the way, it hurts, and it’s just plain inconvenient. And it’s pretty much impossible to leave the house without a bra on- your clothes don’t fit right, saggy boobs are not a good look, and it just looks plain ridiculous. Can you imagine a G-cup walking down the street without a bra on? Really attractive, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Sagging pants have also really died down over the last two years or so. People are finally starting to realize that it looks ridiculous. Only a small subset of society still clings to the unfortunate trend that was pants on the ground. I would compare the lingering trend to people who wear anything outdated- I could ask the same of shoulder pads or scrunchies.

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@Fly Hm…well my best friend wears a 40F and had a lot of issues with her bras until she got professionally fitted. Now she says that, even though they’re not pretty (the bras, that is), she’s had no issues with them since. And her back pain got better. So I’m not convinced it’s inevitable, but I’m sure it’s common.

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@livelaughlove21 It’s not true for everyone, and your friend is certainly lucky to have had that solve her problems! I’m about the same size (40 G) and despite being professionally fitted, I haven’t seen any improvement on comfort. I don’t usually have pain directly caused by bras, but the general feeling is a somewhat uncomfortable because of all the underwire and whatnot, and I do have back issues and strap indentations (even though the bras have thicker straps) from the weight. I would say it definitely depends on the individual, but it’s a pretty common problem with larger-breasted women.

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I sure do wish the saggy pants thing would go away. I also wish I could go without a bra…I’m big chested and have chronic pain issues, so any bra is like a torture device for me. However, as others have said, it’s a necessity for many activities. I certainly don’t want to give myself a black eye, haha.

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My measurements are 45–33-36. I refuse to wear a bra!

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I think that was a political statement. Whereas droopy pants are? Besides I am glad you used the word cow, as I would think of myself as one, without a bra.

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Good points
~ activity level
~ clothes fit
~ back pain issue
~ sag and gravity

Wanted to add the nipple thing, some of us have more prominent nipples and we aren’t treated the same if we reveal them. Or at least in most settings.

There is the lactation thing, nursing women often put pads in their bras.

Also even small chested women, I have B’s, engaged in activities like firing an arrow or a dart or playing pool an activity involving aim and a smooth draw back is hampered by our boobs.

Did not the mythic Amazonian woman cut off a breast to aid in battle glory. I heard that tale before adolescence thought that was ridiculous. I have since seen the glory of sports bras. They may not fix the problem but they help.

You know I have a friend who isn’t in the finest shape. Not terribly bad but no ripped hottie, well he spent all winter body building and told me this would be the first summer he didn’t terrible going being shirtless in summer. He never felt more comfortable this past summer though. He looked very different from when he started out but he never achieved that 8 or 6 pack his body wasn’t meant to be svelte. In America with all this emphasis on image I am not sure shedding clothes is liberating.

On the same line of thought. I was chatting with some currently single girlfriends last summer and they were laughing about all the shirtless hotties out running. Drive around the block or take the scenic route. It was innococous or was meant to be. But something about how yes we were joking but there was undeniable truth that made me somewhat sickened and aware of just how predatory people can be.

Bras are useful tools. We can take them off. Buy different ones for various functions. But getting rid of them altogether would be incredibly stupid.

Men invented them sure, and once they were terrible contraptions. Along with girdles and corsets and hoop skirts.

Objects that made women in objects hobbled weak and dependent. But we were able to reinvent the bra and the free market now responds to women’s needs and wants.

Besides are you saying you don’t appreciate sexy lingerie?

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I’m not sure going braless has ever been a serious trend, and the actual burning of bras is only known to have happened on a couple of occasions.

Although society tends to overreact to the sight of a bare breast, or obvious nipple, or boobs hanging au naturel, bras are ultimately practical, for reasons discussed above. I would also like to mention that these days they tend to be designed, marketed and sold by women. Even corsets can be beneficial, they’ve just been maligned due to the historical fascination with waist training.

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@rosehips Men invented them sure, and once they were terrible contraptions. Along with girdles and corsets and hoop skirts. No…..a woman invented them, even got a patent; _I am too lazy to look it up at the moment, but I will surely update you. All the pain and trouble women go through behind bras, a woman is to blame….ironic.

Besides are you saying you don’t appreciate sexy lingerie? SURE down below the bellybutton. A pair of sexy heels and stockings, and/or sexy panties or thongs (if you even have that) is all you need

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@Hypocrisy_Central You are correct about the first patent.

Women through out history have used some sort of device to bind their breasts.

I was referring to the earlier devices that were worn by aristocracy in Europe. Waist binding, fainting spells, etc. You could research it because I have no actual facts to back me up. I just sincerely hope women did not aid in the crippling of their own gender.

As to the rest it is obvious you are a boob guy. Sometimes art can be enhanced given the right frame. But since you have no idea what is like to live with them every minute you can’t really understand it, much like woman can’t fully understand or appreciate briefs versus boxers jock straps and cups.

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Wow, I never knew that @Uberwench. Thanks for posting it!

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@Uberwench It didn’t actually happen at the 1968 pageant, but it did happen subsequently as part of the same second wave feminism.

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@rosehips I just sincerely hope women did not aid in the crippling of their own gender. I am more a buns and cheesecake man. When it comes to boobs size matters little so long as they are firm, perky, with “eraser nipples”. Those large 48 EE water balloon type don’t do anything for me. Oh, yes, women have been at the bottom of a lot of contraptions women should never have been in (stilettos are exempt).

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@rosehips you should read about the history of topics such as female genital mutilation and Chinese foot binding, both of which were strongly enforced by women on their young children, in order to make them more “desirable” as future mates.

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@CWOTUS I recall now some of the articles I have read on those topic. Funny how the mind forgets what it does not wish to remember.

I will have to do some reading as to the actual origin of these customs. But a n abused or crippled mind. Tamed and dependent does not make rational decisions.

When a free and independent person makes a decision to self mutilate or to subjugate it’s fellowkind that is sickness.

When a person is culturally convinced not to question that to question is to be ostrascized. That safety and the welfare of their children is dependent on there compliance that is a little different. When welfare isn’t necessarily dependent on compliance the torn mind takes a time to heal and catch up.

Survival instincts or self defense mechanisms often are imperative in order for survival.

Once that behavior is no longer necessary these mechanism still exist but become maladaptive. Because they keep a person or persons in the cycle of violence and abuse.

I am not giving these people a pass. I am saying that within the realm of human behavoir it is understandable. If less then laudable.

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@wildpotato Sure, it happened eventually after the idea was turned into a thing. And even still, there’s only one confirmable reference to it occurring. It was certainly never the common protest method that it is depicted as.

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