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What will be your appearance and name in fairy tale land?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) January 12th, 2013

You suddenly find yourself in a fantasy world of fairies, trolls, goblins, princesses, princes, wizards and what have you…what name would you pick for yourself-?

What would be the garment of your choosing, animal companion, tools and weapons-? And your quest, what would it be-?

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What fun! I’ll be back tomorrow after thinking (or dreaming) about it.

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I’m the Drunken Bitch of the North, otherwise known as Gabrihell Ironbraid of the Barrelguzzler Clan.

I’m a Viking. Mostly I get drunk, then rape and kill everything.

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@Sunny2 Me too. Have to go to sleep now. Work tomorrow.

@Symbeline Everything-? Spare the aardvark please-? : )

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I will be a stunningly beautiful Woodland Nymph, named Amaryllis, and I will be on a quest to have sex with Johnny Depp.

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@mazingerz88 No.

Never leave behind children, women or aardvarks who may eventually learn to wield a sword.

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I would be the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. My goal would be to find and take as many hearts as possible. Like this. LOL

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal That’s kufin’ awesome. :D

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@Symbeline What the f*&ck-? What did I do-?!

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@Symbeline OMG, now you’ve pissed it off!

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Not sure but maybe adding on a mustache might be a good idea…copyright issues you know-?

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@Symbeline I know and you’re pretty kufin’ awesome yourself.

@mazingerz88 LOL. You are right. Maybe a handlebar mustache and then I could be known as the 1920’s Gangster Tin Man.

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@Symbeline have you considered doing stand up comedy? xD

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@fremen_warrior Well, I do think George Carlin should have been nominated as God.

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I would be a travelling bounty hunting succubus sorceress masquerading as a prostitute to lure my targets into my fangs.

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Prince Fuckalot, i’d be naked mostly & seeing as though it’s a fantasy, my penis would be shaped like an ewok, cute but deadly!

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Vittle Droogsvoogen. I wear what I like, if I like, use the right tool for the job and I hate quests.

Of course I am always ready and willing to join the Nord Bitch on her cross-country bloodbath.

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I’d be a little fairy princess called Little Princess of Love. I’d have a white tutu on and golden spun hair with little flashing stars all around it. A tiny mouth shaped like a heart, and a golden wand. People would seek me out to wave it, to create love and happiness. crikey you ask weird questions and make me say weird things

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@Symbeline Carlin, and Hicks, by all means yes ;-)

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I would be called Charglass and live in a mountain cave that overlooks one of the largest cities of fairyland. People walk up the twisting mountain path bearing gifts as I can tell the future and grant wishes. When working, I wear a black cloak and a crooked black hat.

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@flutherother I’d wiz past with my wand and straighten your hat!

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Bazinga! We’re playing dungeons & dragons!

I am Batgirl, tell your friends about me.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Flies daintily over your head sprinkling little star dust thing’s, wrinkling my nose at dragons!

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@Shippy I’m a wizard, I’ll put a kink in your wand.

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@flutherother Ooh! wand quivering, flits across the page nervously.

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I’d be a brave little girl named Paxie. I would have a wonder horse called Go. My quest would be to calm all the trolls, dragons, and other evil beings I would meet. I would be very successful and hearts would be turned into champions for peace. We would be a band of thousands. Together we would storm the castle of the all powerful one and we would be slaughtered, each and everyone, as we approached, leaving the world an evil place again. Fairy tales can only go so far before reality takes over.

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@Shippy little star dust thingies :D Thank you! I feel better.

If you need saving I can save you, in fairy tale land I’m related to Batman…I will fight all the demons that keep you awake ;)

@flutherother don’t mess with Batgirl’s dust I have Batman’s genealogy you know, I could kink you up POW

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I would be Wendy, so I could have my way with Peter Pan and make him like it ; P

Then I’d go down the lane, find Severus Snape and do the same with him!

I would love to just pop those buttons off his coat, one by one.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl sigh my Heroin brushes back a lock of golden hair and flies off, leaving a trail of stardust

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Wundoofus is my name. I carry no visible weapons, yet I never have trouble. I wear a grey, hooded cloak, and, while I insist on having a room to myself in every Inn I stay at, I never spend a night alone. Not that that’s hard in the roadhouses of fairy tale lands. Bar-wenches are notoriously easy. Although oddly, about six months after I leave town, half the girls under the age of 24 find themselves to be 8 months pregnant.

My quest is unknown even to myself, and yet something keeps me moving from town to town. It is said that I search for the Love Princess. Yet what none of us know is that if I and my sister, the Love Princess, ever were to be together, the world as we know it would end. We are the children of Wishnu, the creator and destroyer of the universe, and both of us contain half of Wishnu’s power within us.

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“You and I… with what we do… what’s at stake… we can’t fail. Others don’t understand, but even if it’s… impossible, we still have to succeed.”


“You can never escape me. Bullets don’t harm me. Nothing harms me. But I know pain. I know pain. Sometimes I share it. With someone like you.”

Actual Batman quotes

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They call me Burnman. I am a skeleton that burns with a fire that does not burn. People still fear me. I can not wear anything, for the gases make it impossible to keep clothing on.

I am a soldier for hire, never fully trusted by those who hire me. They send me on dangerous missions they don’t expect me to come back from. I always do come back, and then I often have trouble getting payment.

I have one final talk with my employer, in which I tell them things no one else knows and sometimes make a short demonstration. After that, I usually have no trouble about payment. Although there’s little I care to spend it on.

I have my own, more personal quest—to find a way to quench the flames without quenching my life. I never tell the story of how I came to be this way. I can’t be bribed with drink, were anyone brave enough to drink with me. Yet, I long to find someone I can tell my story to.

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AGHHH I actually drew out a picture of what I’d look like in a fairy tail world!!! It won’t be finished until tomorrow night though, but maybe I’ll link it. For a written description: I’d be a fairy, either a princess or queen. I’m really good with katanas but I have “energy” powers. So I end up being a mixture between a mage and an assassin. I also have the ability to change my size at will, so I can shrink down to the size of a flower or grow to my normal height though I cannot become a giant. I have mid-back length dark pink hair, a floating pink-gold crown, and caramel skin. My outfit consists of a pink and silver midriff top, a large matching belt and skirt, see-through sleeves, a matching long skirt with two high slits and thigh-high boots. My animal companion is a small (dog sized) silver dragon with pink accents. My goal: simply to protect my kingdom. If it were a videogame (like an MMO) I’d be the final boss to fight after all my other defenses are surpassed. Of course, that wouldn’t happen lmao. I might not look strong, but I guarantee no one would be able to match my speed and finesse.

ETA: My name would be Syra, and I’m the queen of Ipsyium. :)

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@cutiepi92 Eagerly anticipating the link. Thanks in advance, Syra. Hey, that’s really nice. Your Syra to my Zerindien-? : )

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I’m an elf, from LOTR. With the hair, skin, and ears. Yes, please. :)

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