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How do you tighten or adjust the armrests of a 2011 Kia Sedona?

Asked by SABOTEUR (12426points) January 13th, 2013 from iPhone

They keep coming loose and it’s inconvenient to travel to the dealer to fix. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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(How does the dealer do it?)

Just googling around I see references to 14mm bolt on the armrests of Kia Sedona captain’s chairs. (Do you have captain’s chairs?) That bolt is probably under a plastic fascia that can be gently bent away or removed somehow, maybe held on with small screws. Get yourself a 14mm open-end wrench or ‘crescent’ wrench, and a big screwdriver (for the gentle bending), but first inspect the whole thing to verify that’s what you’re up against.

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I read something like that also, but can’t find access to the bolt. Don’t know how the dealer does it but I’ll certainly ask since this is turning into an ongoing annoyance.

I’ll check once again for that bolt access. Gotta be something right under my nose that I’m overlooking.

Thanks for the assistance.

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Ask him what the requirements are for “lemon law” in your state, loose seats are consider safety hazards.

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Not loose seats…a loose armrest. But thanks for the suggestion.

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See if you have access to the bolt, and apply BLUE Locktite to the threads.

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@RocketGuy I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you very much.

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