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Does anyone else prefer NOT to watch things in HD?

Asked by Zakat (415points) January 13th, 2013 from iPhone

Oh, gosh. First world problems. Haha.

I actually have noticed that everytime I watch a movie in HD I do not feel as immersed in the experience and I always sort of feel like the movie itself never really “took off.” Or I find that I appreciate the detail and the quality of it but don’t actually like the movie as much.

I’ve been wondering if other people have strange unfulfilling experiences with HDTV and Blu-ray.

What a strange question. Lol.

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Frankly, I barely see a difference between HD and SD. I mean I can tell Blu-ray is better, but not enough for me to care. Lol. I still watch plenty of DVD’s, and whenever I rent a movie on the PlayStation Network, I always choose SD on account that it almost looks the same as HD, and is a couple bucks cheaper.

As far as video games though, now that I have an HDTV, I’m never playing PS3 games on a cathodic TV ever again. My TV doesn’t do proper 1080p though, nor does it have any ’‘true motion’’ features. So maybe I’m not getting the best transition for watching HD stuff…but as far as video games go, there IS a difference, compared to HD/SD movies.

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No I prefer HD but I know what you mean. There is a glossy unreal sheen to some HD productions. I do not like 3D films.

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I prefer to not watch movies that were not made in HD or for HD in HD. I think it takes the spirit away from it. I don’t want to watch a movie from the 70’s 80’s 90’s in HD, because I like it to be vintage. If I go to watch a movie in the cinema today that was made for the purpose of being shown in HD, then I think it’s cool to watch it in HD.
I’m not a fan of flatscreen either. All this high definition technology can really take the magic away, but sometimes it is well made, too.

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I love me some HD & blu-ray, playing on xbox live in hi-def litetally gives me a semi, which can be a little distracting.

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YES! I hate HD, 3D and all that crap.

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I have a Sony LED Bravia and didn’t like the setting where movies are so highly defined that they look like videos. After some tweaking, I have an amazing looking screen quality similar to that of what they have in a movie theater. I’m now saving money not going to a movie house. Blu-Ray plus the right HDTV settings are da bomb. : )

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I love HD. But then, my eyes are pretty bad, and it makes it possible for me to see a lot of things I can’t see on regular digital or analog.

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The HD picture I could take or leave but I prefer the HD sound of blurays to that of DVDs.

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If I want to watch things in non-HD, I might as well rub vaseline and feces in my eyes.

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It doesn’t matter too much to me. I prefer non-HD just because it’s easier for me to watch. I don’t really watch that much television anyway.

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I have had no exposure to HD and would probably be totally confused by 3D since I don’t see in 3D.

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3D sucks anyway. At least I don’t like it. It’s annoying, gives me a nauseating feeling of vertigo, plus my eyes feel all weird when stuff comes out of the screen and into my face. It’s like, get the hell back in there you damn gimmicky effect.

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Yes. I keep my very modern TV at the old-fashioned dimensions. I think it’s called 2:3, or something like that?

If I use the entire, wide screen, people’s heads get stretched in bizarre ways.

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@Symbeline C’mon. You haven’t seen fluffy willowy pillows in 3D, hundreds of them tumbling towards you…

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I can’t usually tell the difference. I hate 3D, but I’m not sure why improved picture quality would negatively affect the quality of the movie. I mean, it’s the same movie either way. Maybe you’re just watching crap movies in HD. If not, I don’t get it. Perhaps it’s just in your head.

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@livelaughlove21 Well, we’re definitely not ruling out that possibility. Hehe

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I have tested by watching both, one half of a show in HD and the other half not, and I can’t tell the difference. The only thing I can see is the picture in HD fills my screen, and the non-HD version has a black frame around it.

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So I take it there aren’t many people here looking to spend $20,000 on one of those fancy UltraHD TV’s?

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@mazingerz88 LOL fluffy willowy! That WOULD be awesome, I have to admit…thousands of 3D pillows tumbling towards me…but I wouldn’t get to feel them. :/

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I’m a big fan of HD. I can watch stuff in SD, and I have no problem with it, but I do find HD to have superior audio and visual quality.

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I don’t have any problem with HD, but don’t care much if it’s a step down.
Seems like the HD productions that look too detailed are just not properly lit and produced for the medium—so you get early-soap-opera glare and funk like that, which might fade into imperceptible with lower resolution.

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I found this pretty interesting. It discusses The Hobbit in 48HFR.

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@johnpowell Thanks for the link. Saw The Hobbit in 3D IMAX and 2D. Ambivalent on watching it in 48HFR exactly because of the criticism indicated in that article. That it looks more like mere video than film.

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@Lightlyseared Yeah I was going to say, UD is the next “big thing.”
More of a gimmick than anything else, i’m sticking to HD…for now.

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@johnpowell Great link.
It’s a good point that especially on the indoor scenes the techniques necessary for good production in the past are harmful for the super new HFR and 4k HD presentation. The fakery needed (e.g. makeup) to look real in the old form, now looks only like fakery.

TV presenters have been wrestling with this in recent years as we’re all suddenly seeing them in far more detail. Their old makeup needed to look good on plain old analog video now looks like vaudeville excess.

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Has anyone noticed that the Big Bang Theory opening song/ scenes is crazy in HD. Like it hurts my eyes. Maybe I just need to get more used to it?

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@KNOWITALL I don’t know, I’ve never watched it willingly from the beginning before.

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@livelaughlove21 My husband and I sing the opening song constantly, he never gets it right and it drives him crazy- lol

Sheldon rocks though!!

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Full-HD for photographs can be bad, because on faces you see every pimple and pore.

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