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Where is the best place to go to hire someone that owns a MakerBot to make something for me?

Asked by DrewJ (430points) January 13th, 2013

One day maybe I’ll buy my own Makerbot but right now I need to find someone else that has one.

I have the item designed already. It is a cookie cutter. I already know about this:

I can’t use that site because I need about 60 made.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I know of a few Makerbot owners at the local Maker group. Perhaps there is a group in your area:

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3D printing is still really expensive. For something like cookie-cutters in quantity you might be be better off seeing if any welding and machine shops will make them out of metal.

The site you listed is ~30 per cutter. That seems insane at the quantity you want. It would be cheaper to have a mold milled and injected.

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@johnpowell @phaedryx Thanks guys for the information. I know that 3D printing is still pretty expensive BUT it looks like 1 spool of the material costs $48. Now, I don’t know how much material it would cost to print 60 of these 3 inch cookie cutters but if it took 3 spools I don’t mind the cost. I’m trying to get a better idea. I explored the welding shop and people online who make cookie cutters for you, thats proving difficult as well and they are all individuals and do not have the resources to make my quantity. There seems seems to be no company in America that specializes in making cookie cutters.

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The better question is whether or not the materials used in such a device are good for food processing applications….. Back when 3d printers first his my radar (04–05) the powder used was listed as toxic….

I don’t think that is the best avenue for you to go down.

Actually… “In stereolithography, the resins that operators work with can become toxic if left uncured.” Just found that…. Be careful.

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@Deshi_basara Thanks for the information. According to,, the material used is food safe and they use the Nylon Material you buy on Makerbot (I think). They claim the material is food safe, would you disagree?

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Shapeways will print your design and ship to you. The charge is by the weight of the material used.
They have a variety of materials available, I’d check with them to assure you get something foodsafe.

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@DrewJ My information is coming from the kinds of prototype makers that use ink and powder to create designs. If the one in question is the laser/plastic type where is uses a laser to mold and cut plastic then you should be fine.
All I was trying to say is to make sure the company you hire knows the design is for actual food preparation. Better safe than sorry ^.^

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@Deshi_basara it is neither of those types actually. They use thermoplastic (ABS) which is safe for use with food.

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@phaedryx Woah, wait… You know which company he/she is using already? That’s amazing! Let him’her know so he/she can place her order!

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It isn’t a company, it is a type of 3D printer. I know how they work and the material they use:

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Ah. My apologies then. I’m not too read up on brands of rapid prototype printers. Just kinda used to rampant fallacy. Please forgive my previous comment.

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Thanks for all the information guys. I got this figured out. For people looking for answers to this as well, here is what I did. I found two awesome resources: was recommended above and offer a great service but are not good for large quantities. However, I was able to use it to create and download the .stl file. I then found someone on the Makerbot Google group willing to print this out for me at $1.35 each +shipping – which is incredible. Thanks guys!

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