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How can I move the visible screen on my LG 32LC7D TV?

Asked by CATEB (10points) January 13th, 2013

I cannot find any Horizontal or Vertical adjustments, I am using it as a monitor for my PC, and I cannot see the top, sides of bottom of the display? I have tried all of the different Aspect Ratios but I am still missing all the edges of the display picture! I have the LG 32LC7D connected to my PC via a HDMI cable.

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the parameters for that should be set through your video card, not your tv. Think about it. Your tv has one job, take given information and display it. If that isn’t right then the tv isn’t exactly working properly, is it?

You need to edit the information that is being sent to the TV. You need to adjust the settings via your graphics card software. If you’re running off of mother board graphic hardware then you need to find a stand alone control center that is compatible with your mother board. The settings you need aren’t normally listed via the windows console.

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Could it be different resolutions on your TV and computer ? I would try looking into that..

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