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Have you (or your brilliant little kids) made up any words, lately?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 14th, 2013

Any ______isms_?

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NSFW I just used the word “ladyboner” but I seriously doubt that I’m the first one to do that.

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My son created his first portmanteau this weekend.

“Mama… this stuff smells… finky…”

Funny and stinky. The perfect description for sauteed spinach, no?

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My invention: slarved (sleep + starved) – for when I’m extremely tired after an all-nighter.

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I’ve started saying “supercoolandtrendy” just lately, for reasons currently unknown.
My kids still say “beast” for anything that’s cool/brill.

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Also, in my office we’ve started referring to each other as “hangry” when it’s seriously time for some lunch, lest one’s head is forcibly removed out of sheer annoyance.

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I hated spinach as a kid. Turns out I like it – raw. In a salad. Had my mother not cooked it – I would’ve been a fucking popeye.

Reminder: Fluunking (Fluthering while drunk) is MINE! I am so flunking now.

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Also NSFW – “szarbutzel” pronounced sÉ‘-boots-sell has come to be a codeword for sex around here….

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“Fatty Boombalattie.” – 6 year old brother

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