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Is it safe to use a diffrent powersupply for my speakers?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) January 14th, 2013

I have a set of speakers that note they need 9v power on the back. I have a spare 9v power supply. However the original reads as Output: DC 9V—600mA and my spare reads as Output: 9V—1.3A, is it safe to use this supply?

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Look at Amps as water flow. If you have a tube that can push 600 liters through it at a time, and you force it to push 1300, what do you think is going to happen?

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@Deshi_basara – I always thought of it the other way around. The transformer is making current available at 1300 amps, but the speakers only need 600, so they only take what they need.

Or to use your analogy, the pipe can push out 1300 liters, but as the wash man, I only need 600, so I only take part of the flow.

That’s why a transformer that only puts out 300 amps will never be enough to power a 1 amp device…the water isn’t flowing fast enough.

Of course, maybe i am wrong.

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@elbanditoroso is correct. The rated Amps on the power supply is the maximum available.
The 1.3 amp supply is not going to force 1.3A down the wire.
The 9V 1.3A supply can replace the 9V 600mA supply, IF the connector is the same and the polarity on the connector is the same. There is usually an icon with a little dot in the middle and a “C” around it and they are labeled with ”+” and ”-”.

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The original power supply was capable of putting out 600 mA, and that was enough. The new one is capable of putting out 1300 mA. Speakers will only use what they need, so it is ok to use the new power supply. If will be running at half its capability.

The most important thing is to match the voltage needed by the speakers vs voltage provided by the power supply.

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yurp…. I derped there guys..

I forgot that Amps was a available value and not a set value.

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Thanks guys, plugged the speakers in and they seem to be working great so far.

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