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When is the best time of the day to consume protein to build muscle mass?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) January 15th, 2013

(Is there a best time?) I’m lifting weights almost every day with the aim of bulking up. As a diabetic, I spend so much time thinking about carbohydrates that I never really learned the rules for metabolizing protein.

How does it affect muscle recovery/growth if you consume your daily protein total all at one meal? Is it best to load up on protein directly after a workout even if this means that you consume less at other meals, or is it best to keep it evenly paced throughout the day?

Thank you in advance.

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Right after a work out.

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Right after a workout is the best time. But to really build muscle you should be having a moderate protein intake probably 6 times a day. Hardcore body builders rarely have a full meal, but rather numerous small ones throughout the day. The reason being that your body is building it’s muscle non stop, not just at breakfast/dinner/lunch. If you go more than several hours without some intake, then your body either has to stop building, or pull from other places in your body.

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Thank you kindly to all !!

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Lglutamine is good for repairing and promotion of lean muscle mass.

Well all the amino acids are great for body builders but in particular branched chain amino acids.

Protien is not just from meat though it would be hard to body build with out it but from vegies beans and nuts. So small varied meals a day is great not sure how that works with diabetes though.

Good luck! And have fun.

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Earlt in the day, like in the morning. Eating protein too close to bedtime creates puffiness around the face and eyes when you wake.

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the best time is during the afternoon when the body systems have been energized with the morning activities so that the protein compounds can be broken and useful to supply energy to the cells

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