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What is your regular beverage of choice?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 16th, 2013

I was brought up by teapots, not the actually object, but two parents who adored tea. (They also adored alcohol but for this question ignore that fact!).

It occurred to me today that most people I visit, including friends and family do not drink tea or coffee. So there is no milk in their homes, no sugar and no tea or coffee. Plus they do not drink soda or pop or fizzy drinks (depending which area you are from).

I love my tea. I also drink mostly water. I hate diluted cordials with a passion, to me it’s a bit like drinking a bunch of chemicals in water. Why would I do that?

I very rarely drink soda or flavored drinks. So I would say water is my choice, or tea and lastly a really good cup of coffee. But when I visit I like to drink coffee or tea (not water). However I do try to keep other things in the house for guests. How about you?

Are we an odd bunch or is this normal today?

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Iced Tea (unsweeetened)


OJ in the morning

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I used to drink a lot of iced tea, but then developed a caffine allergy. Now, it’s Diet cola.

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Coffee, green tea (sometimes with honey), black tea (sometimes with milk and/or sugar), herbal teas, and the occasional diet soda. On rare occasions I’ll have chocolate milk. I also like orange juice cut with ginger ale or club soda. I find it to be too thick on its own.

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Coke Zero – Tea

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water, coffee, tea (oolong, black, chai), occasional carrot juice or carrot/orange

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I drink coffee all morning but I prefer it black, I do keep skim milk in the refrigerator because I eat cereal every day, but I rarely drink a glass of milk. I’ll occasionally have a glass of milk with vanilla wafers.

Later in the day I prefer to drink water, iced tea (unsweetened) or juice.

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Lipton Wild Berry Tea
Instant Iced Tea w/Lemon mix

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Green tea.
I like to try many different kinds of bulk Japanese teas. I will buy about 100 to 150 grams at a time (4 oz) that will last for a couple of months. Then I’ll try a different one. (Life is too short to keep drinking the same thing over and over again.)
Right now I am drinking Genmaimatcha which has some rice grains added. They give it a creamy texture and I like eating the rice grains that float to the surface of the tea strainer.

I do drink coffee occasionally – generally the cheapest I can get. My favorite flavor is Free

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Water by day, champagne by night

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Water, chamomile tea, and milk. I haven’t touched soda in years.

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Water. A lot of water. Probably about 6 to 10 bottles a day.

Also 1 to 2 coffees a day.

No alcohol. About one diet soda a week.

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It’s quite normal here in the States. Somntimes I do not have much choice in terms of tea, but most everyone has something.

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I’m a daily coffee drinker, but I’m in it for the drugs, not pleasure. I love espresso but I am not picky about coffee if it’s American coffee.

My drinks of choice are water, diet mountain dew, black tea, and green tea.

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Iced tea, hot weather or cold. Love the stuff. Love lemonade, too. I’m off sodas now and limit of coffee.

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I recently discovered tea. Love the stuff. :D

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Coffee or Earl Grey tea.

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I like juice and water. I’m also partial to lattes. Water is best.

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The coffee pot is always on at our house. I switch to water with lemon around dinnertime, but my wife will drink her last cup right before going to bed,

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I do need my coffee each day to just perk me up a bit but I also drink diluting stuff and rarely Pepsi or something along those lines.

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Water at the top of the list, followed by the occasional diet soda. I am not a fan of tea at all. Green tea once in awhile, but yep, gotta have the morning coffee or it’s a failure to launch.
I like certain juices now and then as well, but I’m a water girl, I have to go to the bathroom about every 30 minutes. I am well hydrated. lol

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Mostly water. I love coffee and espresso but can’t drink it because it upsets my stomach. I like Oregon Chai from the store though they changed the recipe recently and it isn’t as good. Homemade chai is where it’s at, but we have a hard time finding strong enough black tea and fresh cardamom pods to make it. Come to think of it, I should try again now that I live near the best tea shop in the city.

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At home, tea (regular tea with milk and some artificial sweetener).

Out, coffee with milk and some artificial sweetener.

Visiting or outside, either water or diet soda.

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I am definitely a tea drinker, there are times when nothing is more comforting than a hot cup of sweet tea!

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Tea, coffee, water and although I don’t like to drink soda but I drink gingerale only because it helps my nausea which I have a lot of. I also like red wine. I don’t really drink juice. I drink one cup of tea or coffee in the morning and the rest of the day I drink water unless I feel nauseated then I drink gingerale. At supper I sometimes like a glass of wine.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl That’s odd, I drink ginger tea for nausea!

Seems we are all pretty much into our water, which is great and interesting.

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Earl Grey with a ¼ t. sugar, and water, sometimes with a splash of elderberry or cranberry juice, or mint and lemon. I also like Cafix, a coffee substitute; that I add a pinch of real cocoa to.

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Ice water is my drink of choice.
I can’t stand sugary drinks like soda anymore.
I still drink a lot of coffee, but I’m trying to cut down on it because I drink too much and it makes me anxious. As for tea, I only drink that when I’m sick.

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Ridiculously strong coffee first thing in the morning. If I feel the need for a hot beverage later in the day, it will be tea (usually English breakfast). If after 4:00 or so, decaf tea. Rarely, I might make hot chocolate (from scratch) in the evening.

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1st. – HEB flavored water (Cranberry/Rasberry)
2nd. – BlackTea or Oolong(with milk and sugar)
3rd. – Coffee (I prefer it with milk and sugar but usually drink it black)

These are the top three. A good IPA would have made top spot but I have had to cut back for medical reasons.

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I drink water and have a few glasses of milk a day for the nutrition.

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I drink tea (a whole variety of different tea) and water. Plus the occasional glass of milk.

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Cold water, Occasionally Earl Grey tea. I miss the tea with milk, wine, beer, scotch and brandy I used to drink, but I know it’s for my own good to refrain.

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@Shippy ginger tea, I’ve never even heard of it. I actually don’t like ginger and gingerale tastes the least like ginger but helps my nausea. But the tea is probably better for me. :/

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Ginger tea Delicious. Or Ginger root with honey and lemon (made from scratch is lovely). Add a dash of Cayenne pepper The benefits are amazing. I also sometimes use Turmeric which is also very beneficial.

Ginger is a great digestive healer, or aid.

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Coffee all the way!

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Coffee the early part of my day and lemon water the rest of the time.

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Coffee for me in the morning, sparkling water or coffee with lunch, sparkling water after. Unless I go by Starbucks and get a latte in the afternoon.

I have kids at home so there is always a ½ gallon or two of non fat milk in the fridge.

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I only drink 5 things:
Tons of water, milk, apple juice, orange juice and Lipton Ice Tea.

Really, I don’t drink anything else. No alcohol and no fizzy drinks, and only those 5 things.

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Fresh orange juice

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I’m really surprised at the amount of milk drinkers, is it not bad for one?

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@Shippy It’s like eggs. They’re bad for you, they’re good for you… who can keep count? I like cheese and ice cream. The milk stays.

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Tea or water is pretty much it. Occasionally an alcoholic beverage, but that’s not often. Coffee sometimes when I go out.

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@Shippy: I’ve always hated milk. I think this probably makes me less Hindu, haha.

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@Shippy I’m a milk drinker. I’m a big believer in calcium. My LDL is 47.

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@Adirondackwannabe I believe there are stronger sources of calcium? I am not sure where I picked up on the idea milk is bad for you. I think lot’s have switched to skim milk. I am no experty however. I guess also for me the idea of drinking a glass of milk makes me gag. It’s not appealing at all. I also hate eggs. @bookish1 Yes, I hear you.

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@Shippy I drink 1 percent milk, and love cheese. I grew up drinking milk right out of the bulk tank, but whole milk is a little much for me now.

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I love milk.

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I love milk. My wife thinks it tastes slimy. Go figure.

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@Shippy I don’t like milk either, but I drink whole milk solely for the 30%DV of calcium and Vitamin D and 8g of Protein, with a total of 150 calories for one cup. You’re not the first person I’ve heard say that milk has no benefits, but for someone who wants to gain weight, its an additional 150 calories more than water.
Eggs, on the other hand, I despise. They’re excellent for weight gain but it’s unexaggeratedly the only food I will absolutely NOT eat solo. The mere thought of them makes me queasy. Yuck.

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Water, hot chocolate, tea. When it comes to alcohol: wine, tequila.

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Mostly coffee. I like apple and orange juice too. and beer I hate tea, although I realize it’s usually stronger than coffee. I think? And I sure as hell didn’t start drinking coffee for the taste. love that too though

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I forgot, I drink Emergen-C almost every day, because I work in a petri dish school. I’ve tried all the flavors but my favorite is A├žai; the other ones are kind of weak but this has a pretty rich flavor. Kind of a return to the medicinal tonics that were at the origin of soft drinks.

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@rojo I also think its slimy and sometimes I swear I can smell the cows udders shudder

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@bookish1 We keep Acai and Orange right next to the Keurig here at the office. The Acai is my favourite, too.

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