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Is there any way to remove wrinkles from a fake leather coat?

Asked by kb12345 (435points) January 16th, 2013

I have a new fake leather black coat that I just bought. I has quite a bit of wrinkles from being folded. The materials says its 100% polyurethane. I’m not sure if I am able to iron it? or I should wash it on either hot or cold or if there is any other ways to dewrinkle it. Thanks so much!

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Have you tried calling a dry cleaner and asking them?

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Do NOT IRON IT! It will melt. Also, there should be a label on the inside with washing instructions. You mention nothing of a lining or anything, so I really can’t help you with washing instructions. There should be a label on the inside. If it doesn’t have wording on it about washing it should have international symbols like this:

Generally, wrinkles will fall out of polyurethane if they aren’t too bad. Just leave it hung up for a while on a really good hanger (not a flimsy wire hanger, but a nice broad one made for jackets) Wearing it can also help, as body heat may help the fabric straighten.

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If you feel the wrinkles haven’t fallen out after a few wearings, you could try a blow dryer on lowest heat, held away from the fabric. The polyurethane should be just warm as you smooth your hand over the wrinkles. This may take a bit of time, but time is better than melting your new coat.

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